If you wondering about the details surrounding the coming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, buckle in because here's most everything you could want to know about it. A user in the AC Forums has an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and posted some photos and answered some questions, only to go back and delete much of the information. (Android Police was able to snag most of the photos beforehand).

Once something is posted to the internet, you can never erase it. Here's a gallery of Galaxy S8 Active photos and a excerpt from a Q&A series of posts:

  • How did you get the S8 Active? I'm guessing it's for AT&T only?
    • Connection with Samsung. Poster goes on to confirm his unit is SIM-locked to AT&T
  • Does it scratch easily? Does screen have plastic layer on top?
    • No it doesn't scratch easily. No plastic layer.
  • Is the active button still there or is it replaced with Bixby? Is the Active/Bixby button customizable for shortcuts?
    • only bixby button. 6 no customization
  • What are the materials made of? (Metal bezels, rubberized plastic back?)
    • Metal frame, bumpers feel like metal polymer mkx that's screwed into the sides. Middle of back feels like last year's.
  • How thick is it compared to regular S8?
    • it's about 1.5x thick at the normal s8.
  • How slim are the bezels?
    • The bezels aren't thin at all. I'll post a pic.
  • Is the display 100% flat, meaning easier to install screen protector? (None of that 2.5d glass curve?)
    • Yes screen is completely flat.
  • Price?
    • No answer given.
  • Any underwater camera features?
    • No underwater mode that I can see, it's the exact same camera software as on my s8+.

The full thread available in the AC Forums

The poster continues for a few more posts and tells us that the phone has a 4,000mAh battery and all the buttons and various ports and holes in the case are in an identical spot to the Galaxy S8+. Unfortunately(?) the lack of physical/capacitive front buttons rumored earlier has is confirmed by these photos.

We knew the Galaxy S8 Active was coming eventually, and the phone in this leak holds no surprises. Expect a phone with identical specs to the Galaxy S8, with a flat screen and a more rugged case. Which, frankly, sounds perfect.

Update: A series of screen captures of a now-deleted video are available at imgur.com. We've saved them in case they get lost and you can find them below.