Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

Now is the best time to pick up some accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Whether it's a car mount, screen protectors, desktop cradle or a spare battery -- Accessorizing your Galaxy S3 lets you take full advantage of what this phone has to offer.

We recently ran an accessories poll and discovered three-fourths of owners are buying a Galaxy S3 case. It further proves what I already had a good hunch on - that most phone owners these days want to protect their investment. As for what kind of cases are most popular, the top vote went to hard cases, followed by skin cases.

Beyond cases, there are a lot of other accessories out there that help you get more out of your phone. For any phone I own, I always pick up a car mount and desktop cradle, which makes using the phone better in the car and office. I'm curious to find out what kind of other accessories Galaxy S3 owners are interested in the most. And as a reward for letting us know, we're going to hook a lucky S3 owner up with their wish list for free. Jump over to and pick out the Galaxy S3 accessories you want for your phone. Then leave a comment here with your top three picks and one lucky person will have the chance to win them! Check past the break for more info on accessories for the Galaxy S3.

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Buying Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3

There are plenty of cool Galaxy S III (S3) accessories to choose from and they all mostly serve their own purpose. If you plan on traveling, a vehicle mount is extremely useful for staying hands-free. Desktop cradles can make charging your Galaxy S3 convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping that 4.8-inch display free from scratches is no-doubt a high priority so a pack of screen protectors would be an simple, affordable investment.

No matter the accessory you decide to choose for your Galaxy S3, making sure you're getting the most out of your device sets it apart from just being an average smartphone. Let's take a look at some GS3 accessory favorites.

Popular Galaxy S3 Accessories

Galaxy S3 Desktop Cradle One of the most popular accessories for the Galaxy S3 is the OEM Samsung Spare Battery Charging Dock. This cradle rocks a spare battery slot behind the dock which can be used to charge the (included) extra battery.

While this cradle doesn't feature a built-in charger for the phone itself, it does supply you with a nice stand to prop up your S3 for watching movies while your spare battery charges.  Hands-down a must have accessory for the Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Car Mount Another top pick in the Galaxy S3 accessories arsenal is the Samsung Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount.

This sturdy little beast makes any kind of traveling with your Galaxy S3 as effortless as it gets. You can attach it to your windshield or dashboard for a hands-free ride and even plug in the included car charger to ensure you arrive at your destination fully charged.

Galaxy S3 Screen Protectors There's no hiding that brilliant 4.8-inch display no matter how you decide to conceal it. These custom-fit screen protectors from BodyGuardz are an extremely popular accessory for the Galaxy S3.

Made from the same material used to shield vehicles from rock chips, these screen protectors are durable, thin, easy to apply and come with two in each pack.

Galaxy S3 Stylus There's plenty of room to play on the Galaxy S3 but finding that level of accuracy for any kind of drawing is difficult to say the least.

The Adonit Jot Pro Stylus offers mind-blowing precision on this display and are becoming an all-around favorite with customers. Constructed with durable aluminum and steel, this stylus is a wonderful accessory for your Galaxy S3. Did I mention they come in a variety of colors, too?

Wrap up

Keep in mind that this is only a taste of some of the most popular accessories for the Galaxy S3 that are available today from Also don't forget to hit up the store, pick out your favorite Galaxy S3 accessories and leave them in a comment below for your chance to win those items!

Popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories