Nexus 10

We know plenty of people who grabbed a Nexus 10 last week are aware of how to unlock and root it. But there's also a whole bunch of people, some even new to Android, who might need a starting point. For those folks, there's a real treat in the Nexus 10 forums.

You might know Cyber Warrior from the Galaxy S3 forums, or from his amazing Android wallpapers. Turns out, he's a man of many other hacking related talents as well, and has put together and awesome pair of video tutorials to show you how to unlock the bootloader, and then root the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet. A world of potential is inside there, and this is your first step if you want to try and unlock some more of it.

The videos are clear and well done, but that's not even the best part. Cyber's also always quick to assist from the coaches box anytime you hit a snag. He'll be there to help if you have any questions, and between he and the rest of the hard-working crew in the forums you'll soon be unlocked, rooted, and back running again if there's a problem. Sharing is caring, and the mods and advisers in the forums are the sharing, caring type of Android nerds.

And we love 'em all for it! 

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