M7003 tablet

Let me start by saying I have not seen, held, or fondled this unit in any way.  And frankly, I have no desire to.  But when this post popped up in the forums about a $117.30 Chinese monstrosity, one of us had to react.  Since I've been closely following the development of a few Android tablets, I gleefully volunteered :)

This has so many warning flags I'm not sure where to begin.  The 300 MHz VIA 8505 processor should ensure sluggish performance and poor battery life, the 128 MB of ram will likely make you scream and kick your cat even when attempting the simplest tasks, and I won't even start on the Android 1.7 system that a magic OS fairy must have built -- because Google sure didn't.  Add in a TransFlash micro SD slot that only supports cards up to 16 GB, and the absence of all the standard Google apps, including the Android Market and you don't have something that's crippled, you have something that's dead and just doesn't know it.  The only thing this has going for it is price, and even that isn't spectacular -- spend 50 more dollars and get a used Droid Eris off eBay.  I promise you'll have a better Android experience.  Simply put, I wish I had more hands so I could give this four thumbs down.

Anyone see any reason I should spend a hundred-and-seventeen bucks to give this one a second look?  Holler out in the comments! [Euogo.com via Android Central forums]