Late last month, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 9 for everyone around the world to purchase. The phone's not cheaper with a starting price tag of $1,000, but you definitely get what you pay for thanks to the gorgeous display, huge battery, S Pen, and more.

A lot of our AC forum members have been rocking the Note 9 since the day it came out, and recently, one user asked if anyone had any regrets about upgrading to the phone.

Here are just a few of the responses.


None at all. This is the phone I've been waiting for. Don't get me wrong I loved the Note 8 but this thing is great.


No regrets here. I got both note8 and note9. I can go back and forth when want to. But since getting the note9, the note8 has been put in it's original box for back up.


I'm happy with my N8->N9 upgrade. I like the stereo speakers, the much longer battery life, the enhanced S-Pen, the dual-aperture camera, and the extra storage (128 GB is sufficient for me, in addition to my 256 GB SD card). And the AR emoji are cute. Plus I got the free Duo fast-charging stand, Dex station, and AKG Bluetooth headphones. And I sold my N8 for more than $400.

Cary Quinn

I almost regret not having the money for the 512 Gb version.


What say you? Do you regret getting the Note 9?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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