Best Rechargeable Battery for your Oculus Go Controller

Your Oculus Go is a virtual reality headset you almost never want to stop using. Sometimes, however, your fun is cut short when you realize your controller has died and you've got no spare AA batteries lying around the house. This is where rechargeable batteries come into play. This way you can always have a backup battery waiting for you. We at Android Central are tech experts, so we're here to show you the best rechargeable batteries that will help not just in your Oculus Go, but your average household as well.

Deciding what's best for you

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As you can see, Energizer and EBL offer the best deals out of the options above. While all are the same price, those are the only two packages that also come with the plugin that will charge the batteries. If you're a first-time rechargeable battery owner, those are the best options for you.

Essa Kidwell

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