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Best Oculus Quest 2 Touch controller mods and accessories 2022

While the Oculus Quest 2 ships with the amazing Oculus Touch controllers — which the headset can fully motion-track to give you a 1:1 experience in VR — sometimes what your hands are actually holding might not quite look like what you're holding in VR. That's why these great Oculus Quest 2 controller accessories are the perfect fit for many Quest 2 games, as they'll give you an even more immersive experience and may even help you play some games better.

Best controller mods and accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Better ways to play

The Oculus Touch controllers on the Oculus Quest 2 are amazing — there's no doubt about that — but you can significantly enhance them with some very game-specific mods and accessories. If you were around for the Nintendo Wii, you probably had flashbacks going through this list. In some ways, you can find many similar accessories for that system for the same reason that add additional weight, longer grip, or even a totally different shape to allow the motion controls' movement to feel more realistic. 

As a universal solution, VR Cover's Quest 2 grips will enhance just about any game. They don't just add grip, though. The hand strap is soft and comfortable, wrapping around the back of your hand to keep the controller in place even if you let go. These straps also balance the controller's weight, making it easier to move the joystick precisely or aim better. They'll even enhance your swings in Beat Saber! We've even got Beat Saber-specific wands, which will make it feel more like you're swinging lightsabers instead of a controller.

Fans of shooters will undoubtedly love the Glistco Magni Stock, a customizable gunstock that makes holding rifles more realistic and could significantly improve aim, helping to give you a competitive edge. Fans of arcade-style shooters will love MASiKEN's light gun controllers, making each Quest 2 controller feel like a pistol, perfect for playing Pistol Whip or Crisis VRigade. Don't forget those tennis paddles if you're into those types of games, as they'll give you a better swing thanks to bespoke designs. These accessories will greatly enhance some of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, and are well worth owning. 

Nicholas Sutrich
Nicholas Sutrich
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