Best heavy duty cases for Google Pixel 6 Android Central 2021

Even with a Gorilla Glass Victus screen and a Gorilla Glass 5 rear panel, the Google Pixel 6 is a glass phone, which needs extra protection. To avoid scary spiderweb shatters, impact protection is crucial, but keeping out dust, sand, and dirt is essential. If rough particulate matter slips between the case and phone, it can lead to ghastly scratches once you take your phone out of this Fort Knox of a case. Balancing protection, style, price, and slimness, here are the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases.

Poetic Revolution Pixel 6 Case Maroon

Technicolor toughness: Poetic Revolution

While many of these manufacturers are just sticking to basic black, Poetic gives us the color variety we deserve with the Poetic Revolution. With five colors, silicon flaps to guard your USB-C port, and a built-in screen protector, the Revolution is ready to go to war with you.

From $15 at Amazon
Incipio Grip Pixel 6 Case

High diver: Incipio Grip

While most cases are only drop-tested from 4-8 feet, Incipio goes above and beyond with the Grip's 14-foot drop protection. The texturing across the sides ensures that you never need to test it, though the raised rubber nubs add tremendous grip. It's also made at least partially with recycled materials.

$40 at Incipio
Ghostek Covert Pixel 6 Case Clear

Clearly rugged: Ghostek Covert

Clear cases don't have a strong reputation for being all that tough against hard falls or hits. But Ghostek knows how to make a case that can take a beating in stride. The Cloudy Clear works well with every colorway, but Sorta Pink will ensure your Kinda Coral Pixel 6 is never called orange again.

Caseology Parallax Pixel 6 Case

Winning texture: Caseology Parallax

The Caseology Parallax is our favorite Pixel 6 case on the market today. While not as thick as many other cases on this list, it's still durable enough for my clumsy hands. The air cushion technology helps pad out its impact protection, and I adore the sculpting and design of the bumper around the camera bar.

$15 at Amazon
Tudia Dualshield Google Pixel 6 Case

Old-school cool: Tudia DualShield Designed for Google Pixel 6 Case

Tudia's Merge Series has been a dependable Pixel case for years, and unlike many versions of this case from other manufacturers, Tudia gives us actual color choices. Rose Gold looks wonderful as ever, but the bright turquoise was swapped for a more refined Indigo Blue.

$15 at Amazon
OtterBox Defender Pro Pixel 6 Case

Name brand protection: OtterBox Defender Pro Case for Pixel 6

Otterbox is the Kleenex of the case market: it's synonymous with heavy-duty protection. This goes double for the beefy Defender Series, which includes belt clips and seriously rugged durability. Made with 50% recycled plastics, this sizeable case can leave a smaller impact on the planet.

$60 at OtterBox
Supcase Ub Pro Google Pixel 6 Case

Tougher than Iron Man: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case for Google Pixel 6

Supcase is the case maker for the clumsy and the busy, as its cases have faced off with cars, balconies, and even lawnmowers and done their job admirably. The UB Pro's kickstand works great in portrait and landscape, and in a pinch, it also doubles as a phone grip.

$22 at Amazon
VRS Design Damda Glide Pro Pixel 6 Case

Ruggedly handsome: VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro

VRS's case is not only ruggedly handsome; it can also hold 3-4 cards (or some cash). The slide mechanism is made of stainless steel, staying reliable and avoiding warping over time. It is bulky, but it's well-crafted and sits nicely in hand.

$22 at Amazon
Spigen Tough Armor Pixel 6 Case

Can't beat the classics: Spigen Tough Armor

Perhaps the most famous and most enduring case of the considerable Spigen lineup, users come to the Tough Armor year after year for reliability and protection. I wish Spigen had offered better color options this year (Spigen's in its all-black goth phase), but the Rose Gold pops.

From $18 at Amazon

Why impact protection is paramount for heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases

While heavy-duty cases are designed to keep your brand new phone safe from every angle an attack (or a drop) could come from, the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases are prepped for high drops and odd angles for a reason. We've already seen more than a few horror stories of sickening spiderweb cracks across the screen or back after the Pixel 6 slipped out of their pocket. Damage could've been prevented by high-impact resistant cases like the Incipio Grip and Ghostek Covert.

Of course, if you're going to get a sizeable case for your Pixel 6, it might as well have some extra functionality to take up some of that excess space. Poetic's Revolution and the Supcase UB Pro both add on wide kickstands that work well in landscape or upright for video calls, and VRS hollowed out the back of its rugged case for a deep card slot case.

If these cases are a bit too bulky or masculine for your tastes, head to our main best Pixel 6 cases for more options from i-Blason and others. The Cosmo Series might not be as rough-and-tumble as your average heavy-duty case, but it's stylish as well as durable, which makes it a winner in my book.

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