The best DashClock Widget extensions we're using

DashClock Widget is the newest fascination among users that have devices running Android 4.2, and one of the biggest reasons is the potential for customizations via extensions. The widget itself has a solid core set of functional extensions such as weather, calendar and Gmail, but the real fun begins when you start grabbing new extensions for other apps to plug into the widget.

Hang with us after the break and see a few of the best DashClock Widget extensions that we're using.

Plume for DashClock

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If you're using Plume as your Twitter client of choice, then the separate DashClock Widget extension is a must-have. It's interesting that the developers have chosen to make a separate app rather than integrate it with the main one, but the functionality is the same nonetheless. If you happen to be more of a fan of Falcon Pro, they've integrated DashClock as well.

Download: Plume for DashClock; Plume

DashClock Facebook extension

Just about the most self-explanatory extension possible. This one places the number of unread messages and unseen notifications in the DashClock Widget. You can connect the app to your Facebook account whether you've got the proper Facebook app installed or not -- a nice touch -- and set the refresh interval manually.

Download: DashClock Facebook Extension

Press (Google Reader)

Press is the Google Reader client of choice for many of us, especially as more improvements are made with each update. The latest update brought an integrated extension to DashClock, so you'll get it when you install the main Press app (think we prefer it this way), and it shows the number of unread articles there are waiting for you. There aren't any settings for the extension specifically, as you can manage the global refresh settings from the app itself.

Download: Press (Google Reader)

Battery Extension (DashClock)

This extension will show off your current battery charge percentage, health (if supported), temperature and voltage. When collapsed (or in a smaller widget) it will show just the percentage, and when expanded it will show detailed information. There is just one setting for the app, which lets it hide when the phone is charging. That's useful if you're using DashClock Widget on the lockscreen, because the lockscreen already shows battery percentage while charging.

Download: Battery Extension (DashClock)

DashClock Custom Extension

For all of the things you'd like to do but just aren't quite available as viable extensions just yet, there's DashClock Custom Extension. As the name implies, it lets you create custom extensions to do a whole bunch of things. You can create up to three custom extensions, each of which has a custom name, description and action associated with it. These can do many things, such as launch apps, trigger shortcuts, open a website, call a contact or edit a note.

Download: DashClock Custom Extension

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DashClock Widget extensions, with more and more being added every day as the widget becomes more popular. You can find a few pages worth on Google Play, and sound off in the comments if you happen to have found a favorite one.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.