Best Android apps for learning to code

Why Udacity is the best

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Finding a lesson in Udacity is as easy as scrolling through the lessons for a given category. There are five main categories with plenty of lessons in each one. Once you've chosen a lesson and you open it up you get all the information that you need to properly complete it.

That information includes a summary of the course explaining what you'll be learning, what prior knowledge you need to successfully complete the course, and a syllabus with a breakdown of each lesson in the module. Additionally you'll also be able to see who developed the course, and what tracks it is useful in. For instance, Intro to Java is useful for Software Engineering, and Android programming.

It's also easy to jump into more advanced courses, provided you already know what you're doing. If you access Udacity online, you can also enroll in Nanodegrees, which do have a hefty price tag, but it contain a full syllabus that can teach you things like fully learning how to build apps for Android or VR.


While there are plenty of apps out there that can help you learn to code from home, Udacity does the best job. They have an emphasis on learning to code, unlike many other apps that have a more varied catalog of lessons to be learned. With input from industry experts, you get access to know-how from professionals in their field.

While you do have to pay for more advanced courses, there is tons available for free and it is excellently curated. Finding the right lesson is also a breeze, thanks to the navigation setup.

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