Best Android Apps for College Students 2022

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Pixelbook being taken out of a backpack (Image credit: Android Central)

College is exciting, crazy, and a little scary. The road has many twists and turns, bumps, hurdles, and a few slides along the way. Here are some of the best Android apps for college students and each will guide scholars through every part of their college career and propel them to conquer the world.

A bit more on college apps

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Honestly, you should consider checking out all of these apps because they all work to help you succeed in college differently. However, we picked Evernote (opens in new tab) as our top app because it's the best place to get started. It keeps notes and daily tasks organized with checklists and color-coded tags. You can set reminders, like when assignments are due, and add thoughts about what you're studying in class. You can also draft essays within the app and send them to other programs and platforms or submit the assignments from within the app itself.

Evernote lets you search inside Office docs, attachments, and PDFs, add annotations and then save these to specific file folders for easy access later. You can digitally scan business cards and other documents, like classroom handouts, and save them to look at later. One great tool is capturing and saving screenshots or clips from websites and online articles that you can reference later. You can even save pertinent email messages to your Evernote files. Within the filing cabinet, you can create files for each course and subfiles for assignments and projects to help you stay organized. Information can be shared with classmates or with your professor for easy collaboration. All your notes, notebooks, and files saved in Evernote can be accessed offline.

Two other apps we find helpful to most college students are Mendeley (opens in new tab) and Grammarly (opens in new tab). Since most college courses require a research project or paper, these two apps will help you format them. That way, you can avoid mistakes that can lower your grade significantly. Mendeley enables you to add proper citations in one of 7,000 styles and add a bibliography. You can also use this app to mark-up or annotate digital documents, including PDFs. Grammarly helps you create sentence and paragraph structures that are free of grammatical and spelling errors. We've found it is more accurate than spell checkers in word processing programs, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

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