Goat Simulator for Android

We've got another batch of the best new Android games and apps to have launched in the last week for y'all. Goat Simulator is by far the most recognizable launch this week, but we've got a few apps for businessy types, too. Hop into the Google Play Store and check out our picks, and as always, drop a comment for your favorite new releases.


Interstellar for Android

Interstellar is a great-looking sim game set in outer space. Players build their own little solar systems and explore those of others. The challenge really steps up when you need to navigate wormholes and slingshot around planets to make it back to your system with enough fuel and time.

Interstellar has plenty of eye candy, and sets a great mood for the upcoming Matthew McConaughey flick.

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Antiqsquad is a cartoony turn-based strategy game where players command a motley crew of mercenaries against well-armed rivals. Tactically position your crew to make the most out of an area's cover, but also providing the best line of sight to enemies. There are 30 different missions with tons of different weapon and ability combinations to play around with. The overall look and feel is very similar to RAD Soldiers, but since that never came to Android, it's great to see someone else step in.

Antiqsuad is particularly great because they have both a premium version without in-app purchases and another that's free with IAPs.

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander is a Clash of Clans-style casual game where players join either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire and wage war across a classic sci-fi landscape. Players train troops, build defenses, and work with characters from the beloved franchise to complete missions. The usual freemium tropes are here, but that won't stop die-hard Star Wars fans for a second.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is an upgrade on the hugely popular Beach Buggy Blitz, and has bumped up the graphics in several departments. You're now riding much faster with more competitors, power-ups, and big, winding stages. Instead of driving endlessly, you know have set courses you're trying to earn three stars on. Over time, you upgrade your ride with currency won from matches or in-app purchases. An energy bar limits how much you can play at once, so make sure to make every run count.

Beach Buggy Racing is a great update on what was already a graphically impressive title.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator bridges the gap between man and beast in ways never imagined possible. From the lifelike licking of other creatures and objects to ragdoll physics that cause models to spaz and clip randomly, it's no wonder you quickly lose yourself in goatness and, eventually, a profound identity crisis.

Play Goat Simulator. It will change your fundamental assumptions of humanity and goats.


Treehouse is a popular learning platform focusing on coding. You can pick up courses on CSS, PHP, Python, and plenty more. Videos accompany every lesson, and achievements are earned for passing tests. There's a free two-week trial, then you can pick up a basic subscription plan for $25/month or a pro plan for $49/month.

Sign up for Treehouse if you've had lofty goals for learning new skills but haven't had the time to try it out.


Horizon is a dirt-simple video app that automatically keeps your recordings level. No more accidentally shooting moments in portrait, then freaking out and switching to landscape, only to have that second half totally sideways. Horizon dynamically adjusts the video to make sure the video stays level using one of three different shooting modes. You can also shoot from the front-facing camera and apply filters if you're into that kind of thing.

BitTorrent Bleep

BitTorrent Bleep

BitTorrent's instant messaging client launched its alpha for Android this week with the aim of providing secure peer-to-peer communications. This means your chats aren't going to any central server anywhere, ripe for the NSA snooping. No account is needed to sign up, though you can import contacts from Gmail and set up an account to play nice with a desktop app if you like. Voice and text messaging are supported, though stability is still something of an issue, given the alpha status.

As early as it may be, BitTorrent Bleep is a promising chat client in an era increasingly concerned about privacy.

Samsung My Knox

Samsung launched a client for their enterprise security suite this week, allowing users to keep work and personal data secure thanks to a suite of web-based tools. After a quick e-mail authentication My Knox can remotely lock and wipe your device in a pinch. On a day-to-day basis, My Knox offers dedicated apps for e-mail, calendar, contacts, file viewing, browsing, downloads, memos, image gallery, videos, and music. The app plugs into Microsoft Exchange on the back end, but unfortunately only supports the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for now. You can also sit tight until many of these features are implemented in Android L.

If you've been having trouble convincing your IT guy at work to implement Knox, now would be a good time to try again.

Adobe EhcoSign

Adobe EchoSign for Android

Adobe EchoSign is a secure means of signing electronic documents. The new Android tablet client encrypts signed documents, send them off while on the move, and manage agreements with real-time status updates. You'll need a subscription to use Adobe EchoSign, but for anybody that works with contracts on a daily basis, it would be well worth it.

Your favorite new Android games and apps?

That's it from us this week. Stick around for the editor's picks tomorrow, and check out the comments for any other suggestions.