Diner Dash for Android

We're rounding up the best new Android games and apps for you again this week. This go-around is a healthy dose of casual games, though the more hardcore players will find a great strategy title in the mix here. Among the newest apps this week, we also have a few for the creative types from AutoDesk and Adobe, plus some new communication apps that are worth a gander.

Get cozy with your Android device, and let's crack open the Google Play Store.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances brings casual gaming to the galactic scale. Players colonize planets as members of one of three races, and join other player groups to claim vast swathes of the cosmos. Resources must be plumbed from planets and transported to where fleets and troops can be trained, while research facilities produce new technologies that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. What's most impressive here are the graphics; casual games aren't exactly known for being amazing on this front, but you'll find rich 3D graphics used throughout this one.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is an extremely polished take on large-scale, sci-fi empire-building.