Best Android apps and games of October

Hopefully you guys are gearing up for a fun-filled Halloween, but we wouldn't let October slip by without rounding up the very best Android games and Android apps that have been released in the last 30 days. Both Google and Microsoft had a few really interesting new apps available this month. It was also a fantastic turnout for new games with lots of truly AAA titles be launched.

We're always eager to hear what you guys have installed, so be sure to hit up the comments with your favorite new apps. With that, let's dig into our top ten new Android apps that were released in October.


Republique is a beautiful stealth adventure game about avoiding the eye of Big Brother and unveiling a conspiracy of a totalitarian dystopia. The core gameplay of avoiding guards, gathering clues, and employing an array of hacking abilities is paired up wonderfully with a strong storyline, original voice acting, and graphics with cinema-quality motion capture. There are lots of hidden objectives to dig up, and three full-bodied episodes to enjoy. Grab a season pass and catch the new episodes as soon as they're released, not to mention soak in the developer commentary throughout the game.