Apps of the Week

It's Memorial Day weekend for many of us out there, so we've been busy getting in a little relaxation time, but we've still pulled together a great Apps of the Week column for your enjoyment this Saturday afternoon. Each week we pull together a list of apps from each of the writers here at Android Central, with a quick explanation of why and how we're using them throughout the week.

Read along with us for another edition of Apps of the Week and see how this week's picks stack up with the others — you may find an app or two that appeal to you.

Jerry Hildenbrand - Screen Maker

Screen Maker

Supporting over 75 devices and 18 different resolutions, Screen Maker is the best app I've found when you need to make a screenshot look good. We use tools like this here at AC quite often, but Screen Maker works just as well to show those speedtests, home screen layouts and battery stat screens (BRO, DO YOU EVEN ART?) on Google+ or in the forums. It's simple to use, and probably supports the Android in your hands. If you need or like to share your screenshots, it's a must-have.

Download: Screen Maker trial (Free) or Screen Maker full version ($2.30)

Record Run - Simon Sage

Record Run

The guys behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band have wriggled their way onto Anroid with a rhythm-based endless runner called Record Run. The game's mechanics are simple enough and follow a familiar freemium model: players have to swipe between left and right lanes in order to avoid obstacles for as long as possible while collecting currency along the way. If you manage to run long enough and dodge obstacles while running on special target zones, you get to enjoy a particularly trippy visual transformation of the scenery. The real charm lies in the soundtrack. Players can pick music from their locally-stored library, and the entire course bobs and moves in sync with that song. Three track slots will be available right off the bat, and you get get more with the backstage passes you earn through gameplay or in-app purchases. VIP passes can also be used to buy new characters, while the discs you collect can get new outfits and upgrade the boosts you find along your run. If you're itching for a new rhythm game and can deal with free-to-play, Record Run is great. Check out our gameplay footage of the iOS version for a closer look.

Download: Record Run (Free, In-app purchases)

Andrew Martonik - AmazonFresh


I happen to live in one of the very few zip codes in the country that can benefit from AmazonFresh grocery delivery service, and so I've downloaded the app to give it a try. It isn't the most advanced app ever (and considering the number of potential customers it's not surprising), but it does get the job done. You can build "quick lists" of items and come back to choose specific products later, or you can even scan barcodes of things in your fridge and pantry to build a list of the precise items you want. There's a flat delivery charge of $9.99, but that's not much to ask when someone will bring your groceries right to your door before 6am on the day you specify.

Download: AmazonFresh

Richard Devine - Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier

I'm not 100% sure I totally understand the story behind Trials Frontier, but I'm loving playing it right now. You ride your motorcycle through various beautifully designed – and equally challenging – levels in pursuit of Butch, the bad guy, and growing your village. And it's a lot of fun.

The physics are pretty impressive, and you're often tasked with pulling off some gravity-defying front and backflips, and always you need to be shifting your weight around on the bike to get over the obstacles in the levels. It's free to download and so far at least I haven't hit a paywall. Though buying more coins and gems will help you upgrade your bike quicker. But it's a fun little time waster from Ubisoft, well worth a moment of your time.

Download: Trials Frontier (Free)

Phil Nickinson — Groundlink


Services like Uber and Lyft get all the link love these days, but I still find myself returning to the traditional black car in New York City, at least for getting to and from the airports. For that I use Groundlink. And Groundlink finally updated its Android app into something that, well, looks and feels like an Android app. From it you can book your rides, view your upcoming rides, and view your ride in real time as it's coming to pick you up. (Which still seems a little sci-fi to me, and I know better.) There are coupons for Groundlink all over the place as well, so you can save a few bucks without too much work. Plus it's a good update, so it earns my love this week.

Download: Groundlink

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