Apps of the Week

We take a moment to show off the apps that have been working for us

Just like that, it's Saturday again and that means you're in for another edition of our Apps of the Week column here on Android Central. In case you've been asleep at the wheel and missed previous posts in the series, this is our weekly column where we have writers from the Android Central team chime in with an app that they've been using regularly on their devices in the previous week.

This week we have a couple of games, a tool and  a little follow-up to last week's post from Jerry. Hang with us after the break and see how our picks stack up this week.

Simon Sage - QWOP


The classic web game QWOP has finally arrived on Android. Players have the onerous task of manually controlling individual parts of a runner's body in order to get him as far along the track without tipping over haplessly and cracking his skull open. You're given two virtual joysticks, one for each leg, to extend and retract, and you can tilt the device to give your athlete a bit of balance. In theory, if you move the joysticks in well-timed circles, you should be able to run like normal, but you usually end up making the poor guy look demented and useless - in a funny way, of course. Participate in the 100 m sprint, 110 m hurdles, the long jump, the steeplechase, or the 50 km walk as best you can. There aren't really any unlockables, but the game will make you grateful for your own finely tuned motor skills. 

Download: QWOP ($0.99)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Skip Lock Screen

Skip Lock Screen

Last week I mentioned that I have my phone set up to activate the lock screen as soon as I leave the house, and a couple people were curious how that's done. You could do it with root, a script and an app like Tasker, or you could do it the easy way and use an app. I chose to do the latter. With Skip lock screen, my phone has the standard swipe unlock screen while I'm at home and connected to my home wifi, but when I disconnect (such as when i leave the house) the PIN lock is activated. Set up was easy, and I no longer have to fiddle with a PIN when I use my phones at home. More importantly, I don't have to remember to turn a secure lock screen on when I leave the house. It's well worth the five bucks in my opinion.

Download: Skip Lock Screen (Free) / Paid ($4.99)

Andrew Martonik - Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ

Whether it's to make sure you get everything you need from the store in one trip, or to just make sure you only get what you need without unnecessary purchases, a grocery list app is an extremely useful tool. After trying out a few different apps and mostly relying on Google Keep for lists of different types, I think I've landed on Grocery iQ as a good choice for me. You can build basic lists by just listing things you need, or you can search for specific brand name items and add them to your lists. You can even scan barcodes of things to build up a recurring list of regular items you buy.

The main idea of Grocery iQ beyond just offering grocery lists is finding available coupons for the items you've indicated you need. After you build up a full grocery list, you're shown coupons that can save you money on your next trip out to the store. Whether you use the coupons or not, this well-designed app may just increase the efficiency of your grocery trips.

Download: Grocery iQ (Free)

Chris Parsons - Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde

If you're looking for quickie side scrolling shooter, Jane Wilde is a game you should give a go. It's available as a free download and offers over 30 different levels to play through with plenty of unlockable and upgradeable weapons. The graphics are a little on the shall we say, mature side? You play as a busty cow girl who likes to shoot the hell of zombie cowboys. The ads are a bit annoying but for $.99 they can be removed, if you wish. Overall, not bad. A fun little game to waste some brain cells on.

Download: Jane Wilde (Free)

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