Apps of the Week

It's that time of the week where each of the Android Central writers chimes in with an app that they've been using on their own devices. Every post seems to have a good bit of variety, and this week follows along on that trend. We've got a very topical app for the golf lovers out there, a couple of great tools and a few games to keep you busy through the week.

Stick around after the break to see how this week's picks stack up -- you may just find a few apps that you'll want to install for yourself.

Sean Brunett - The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament

For golf fans, no weekend beats The Master’s. What better way to follow the competition or your favorite golfers than with the official Android app? One of the things I like about the app design is that when you first open it up, you see Augusta in a great color image. Below, you have menu items: News, Updates, Players, Video, Photos, Leaderboard, Course, Pairings, Radio and Getting There (if you’re lucky enough to have nabbed a ticket). It’s an app that is easy to navigate and one that I really like. On the Leaderboard, you can star players that you like to receive alerts for that player. The course map is another feature that’s really well done. Photos of every hole and a story that explains why the hole was named and a history about it. For golf maniacs, this is a must have. 

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Download: The Masters Golf Tournament (Free)

Casey Rendon - Impetus interval Timer

Impetus Interval Timer

I love that Android 4.2 now comes with a clock app that has a timer and stopwatch. While handy for simple timing tasks, it still isn’t robust enough to be useful in my high intensity interval training – which is why I use Impetus. Right now the timed part of my workout is 3 sets: jump rope, straight leg raisers, and bridges. Each set has 8 rounds that alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. I programmed this routine into Impetus, along with a 5 sec preparation interval to let me get into position. Each interval (prep, work, rest, etc.) can have its own notification sound so I can tell what to do without looking at my phone. It even beeps halfway between each interval, and does countdown beeps when there are five seconds remaining on the clock. Timer notifications can be set to play over music instead of interrupting it, and Impetus will pause the current interval if a call comes in. This is only scratching the surface of what this app can really do. If you’re into any workout that uses timed intervals, Impetus can be an invaluable tool. It’s free in the Play Store, with a license you can purchase to unlock extra features.

Download: Impetus Interval Timer (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - OfficeSuite Pro 7

OfficeSuite Pro 7

Yes, it's pricey. If this bothers you, move on to the next app in the list because I'm not going to apologize for the asking price -- it's well worth every penny. I can use Google Drive for everything I need, but my lovely wife can't -- hers is a strictly Microsoft product office. She also gets quite a bit of mail with Microsoft Office documents, and she needs to open, edit, and save them without ruining the formatting. OfficeSuite Pro 7 can open those  .DOCX and .XLSX (as well as many other file formats) files that come in, and even better -- it can open those pesky Outlook .EML files that folks in her office love to create and send.

Drive, and the many open office suites are great, but sometimes you have to be able to work with Microsoft's files. On Android, we've found OfficeSuite Pro 7 the best way to do that.

Download: OfficeSuite Pro 7 ($14.99)

Simon Sage - Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2: Armageddon

Apparently EA had launched Worms on Android awhile back, but it has since disappeared. Luckily, the original developer has recently posted the sequel to this fine strategy franchise in Google Play. Arm your motley crew of invertebrates with all sorts of outlandish weaponry to wipe the floor with the other team. Don't be fooled by the cartoony 2D landscape; it can be treacherous, and since every stage is procedurally generated, every match is different. Players take turns making potshots at one another at varying angles and strengths, but they've got to be quick - every turn is timed, and if you haven't taken your shot by the time it runs out, you're screwed and don't get to do anything. Speedy single player deathmatches are a fun way to kill ten minutes, or you can dig into the lengthier campaign with your own team customized with themed voice packs, hats, and gravestones. Multiplayer can take place over the local Wi-Fi network or straight-up pass-and-play. Worms is an absolute classic, and if you haven't spent at least a little bit of time playing it, you're missing out. 

Download: Worms 2: Armageddon ($4.99)

Andrew Martonik - The Ferry App

The Ferry App

Unlike other transit apps that focus on multiple modes of transportation in many locations, The Ferry App does just one thing -- give you information on Washington State ferries. We have quite a large network of ferries around the Puget Sound (and all the way up to Canada) that connect various cities and islands, and they can be tough to navigate even if you're a frequent traveler. Following modern UI guidelines, The Ferry App makes it easy to browse different ferry routes, plan trips and get up-to-date information -- like DOT cameras and schedules -- about the routes you travel most.

And unlike the official WSDOT app (which does more than just ferries), you can save specific routes that you travel often, and get to the information specifically about ferries much faster. Best of all the app is free with no ads -- just a great app to have around if you live or visit Western Washington.

Download: The Ferry App (Free)

Alex Dobie - EXIF Editor and Viewer

Exif Editor and Viewer

EXIF data -- the additional properties saved in photos by cameras and smartphones -- can be useful. It can let you know when, where and with what the images were taken, as well as revealing photographic settings like ISO, exposure and shutter speed. But there are a few instances where you might not want this info to get out into the public domain. Location data is the obvious example -- you don't necessarily want to broadcast your exact home address to the world in JPEG form whenever you share your photos. Also, if you work for a manufacturer or carrier, you might also want to keep prying eyes away from the model number and name of unannounced devices.

Either way, EXIF Editor and Viewer by teqIt is a great way to change, view or remove EXIF data from images in your gallery, either individually or in a batch-processed list. The process only takes a few seconds, and the resulting images can be dumped in a separate folder if you want to keep the originals intact. It's available from the Google Play Store for devices running Android 2.2 and above.

Download: EXIF Editor and Viewer ($1.93)

Richard Devine - Wind-up Knight

Wind-up Knight

An oldie but a goodie from me this week. Wind up Knight filled many an hour when it first appeared and I've recently picked it up all over again.

You play a knight, on a rescue mission. The controls are simple, it's kind of an endless runner crossed with a platformer.  Run, jump, hack and slash your way through a host of levels that are really nice to look at. It's free, with in app purchases, but considering I completed it without spending anything -- well, nearly anything -- it's not necessary to empty your wallet to play. Definitely worth checking out still, especially if you're new to Android. 

Download: Wind-up Knight (Free)

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