Android Central Editors' app picks

No, you're not going crazy, we just did this on Sunday, but out of dedication, and to get back on the routine, here it is again folks. Without further ado, we bring you some more selections.

Jerry Hildenbrand - Root Explorer 


All versions of Android, rooted phones only.

Root Explorer is a file manager built specifically for folks using rooted phones. All the function you expect from a file browser is there, and unlocked to work in any folder in your system. You can safely look through your files, and with the press of a button switch to superuser mode where you can act on protected files and folders. This is a great way to swap out .apks for testing or theme switching, as well as a powerful tool for developers. Root Explorer is available on the Android Market for £1.90 ($2.87) [Market Link | AppBrain]

Adam Sawyer - StreamFurious


I've searched long and hard for a decent radio app, and after finding ones that freeze, crash, and just don't work at all, I ran into this gem. Now, there's not much to it really -- but that's the beauty of it; it's lightweight, and has a small footprint, yet still performs exceedingly well You can search and add thousands of different radio stations at, or just browse through the 50 preloaded ones that it comes with. You can listen to police radio stations, Loveline, and it has at least one station of every kind of music genre. If you really like, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $5.99, which enables custom URL's, station shortcuts, and AAC+ support. Or you can just stick with the free version, it's up to you. Free - [Market Link | AppBrain]  Premium - [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - Hi AIM


While on the go, trying to keep up with friends can be rather difficult since not everyone seems to have the same type of cell phone, or use the same clients to interact. In a what seemed like endless hunt to find a good AIM application that met all my needs, I stumbled upon Hi AIM, a free application that works very well with the AIM interface. Unlike many of the other applications I tried this seemed very stable, rather customizable (quite a few skins in the market and custom fonts) and overall just very pleasant to use. For those of you who keep in contact with friends through AIM, this is a great download, and works very well. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Phil Nickinson - Doodle Jump


A blessedly simple little game. Dude jumps, and you have to keep him jumping. Tilt your phone to move him left and right, avoid obstacles, use the springs, and see how high you can go. $3.99 [Market Link | AppBrain]