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Half the fun of having an Android device is the wide selection of amazing applications which are available in the Android market. But half the battle is trying to find ones that you want, or that serve the purpose you need, but as you know we love our readers, so each week we bring you some of our personal favorites. Hit the break and let's take a look at what we got for you all this week!

 Alex Dobie - iSyncr ($2.99 + 99 cents for Wifi syncing)


Alright, I admit it. I'm an iTunes user. It's a shameful secret I've carried with me ever since I got my first iPod back in 2004. Even moving to Android, I found it difficult to kick the iSyncrhabit -- I'd grown used to the way Steve's hulking, bloated monolith handles my music, and any other player just seems bizarre and unnatural. So for a while I stuck to copying and pasting albums to my phone's SD card... until I eventually discovered iSyncr. iSyncr is a simple Windows and Mac app that extracts itself to your SD card, so you can then run it from on your computer. On your PC or Mac, you get a simple windowed interface for selecting which playlists you want to sync to your phone. A few clicks later, all your (DRM-free) music will be transferred across. On the phone sides of things, iSyncr tracks and updates your play counts while you listen, and syncs this back to your iTunes library. There's even an optional Wifi syncing add-on if you want to sync without worrying about wires. iSyncr is available for $2.99 on the Android Market. The Wifi add-on will set you back another $0.99. [PC Market Link] [Mac Market Link]

Menno - Classic Pong (Free)


Fancy Graphics, compelling storyline and amazing DLC are all great things, but sometimes you just Pongwant to take a break and go back to the classics, like Pong. The game won't win any awards for Bloom use, and unless you're someone who likes naming inanimate objects the characters don't have much story to speak of.. It's literally just pong. White paddles, white ball, black background all in glorious 2D. The game does have a few settings, such as how fast the ball should go, or how "hard" the computer should be, but it's really just there for some simple fun. I picked up my Galaxy Tab on Friday, so if I want amazing graphics, I'll be using it. For my phone? Pong is a perfect game for when I have a few moments free and want to waste some time. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - Starbucks (Free)

Android Central

StarbucksWe waited a long time for an official Starbucks app and it was finally released this past week. In its absence, we got a few very good alternatives, but it’s always nice to have the official one.
With the Starbucks app, users can manage their gift cards, including viewing transaction history and reloading credit. You can also pay with your device at thousands of locations across the nation, including those within Target and Safeway stores. Other handy features include the ability to locate the nearest store and the Track Your Stars option in regards to the Starbucks Rewards program. If you’re a constant frequenter of Starbucks, this is an absolute must-have. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Burn the Rope (Free)

Burn The Rope

Similar to Cut the Rope, Burn the Rope makes use of fire instead of scissors (Sounds Burn The Ropeviolent and dangerous, right?) in an effort to try to burn as much rope as you can in each level. The trick to the game though is that the fire only burns upwards, leaving you to tilt and turn the puzzle to keep your flame alive. As you make your way through the levels you're met by different bugs -- those bugs end up getting burnt on the rope which causes them all to react differently making it a challenge to keep your flame going. I know, it all sounds rather weird but trust me -- if you're a fan of cut the rope this one will not disappoint. You can grab it for free from the Android Market and best of all it'll keep you coming back for more. Just promise us you not try to turn it into a live action video like we've seen with Angry Birds. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - GetGlue (Free)

Get GLue

Get GLueIf you love Foursquare but wish you could be even more public with your private life, check out GetGlue. Once you sign up for a free account, GetGlue let's you check into the movie, TV show, music, video game, or book you're currently being entertained by will show you other users that have also recently checked in. And the list is growing: you can now check in to share which celebrity you're gossiping about and even which wine you're drinking. You can share your check ins on Twitter or Facebook, or just among other GetGlue users. The app isn't terribly refined, and sure, its landscape-only orientation might turn some QWERTY users off, but overall it's a fun time-waster for the indiscreet. [Market Link]