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You want apps, and the Android market has plenty of them except at times finding what you want or something new can be a bit challenging. Don't worry, we have got you covered, so let's hit the break and check out some of this weeks picks.

Richard Devine - Darth Maul Me (Free)

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Let's face it, Darth Maul was the best thing about Star Wars Episode 1. This app from Lucasarts Darth Maul Melets you (to an extent) become Darth Maul.

It uses either camera on your phone or a preselected photograph. Once you have your picture you can tweak its position to get the best view of your face in the frame. Then select which 'face' you want, listen to the cool Star Wars sounds and voila! You as the Sith lord.

The photos aren't particularly high res, but for a self confessed Star Wars geek like myself there's no reason not to play around with it. Now where did I put my lightsaber? [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - AndFTP and AndFTP Pro (Free / UK£3.44)

Android Central

Sure, social networks are great for sharing images, videos and the like, but when you're transferring files to and from networked computers, sometimes good old FTP is the most convenient method to use. AndFTP is a lightweight app that lets you quickly and easily transfer content too and from your phone over FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and in the paid version, SCP.

As well as basic functionality like uploading and downloading, you also get resume support, as well AndFTPas the ability to tweak advanced options like connection mode and character set. The paid version also gives you access to a folder synchronization tool, which could be a great way to keep media automatically sync'd between your phone and your computer, if you're the technical type. Perhaps the coolest feature, though, is the way AndFTP seamlessly fits into Android's sharing feature, allowing one-click uploading of files in a file browser, or images in the Gallery app.

There's a free version of AndFTP available that lacks some of the advanced functionality. If you want SCP support, folder synchronization and the ability to send custom commands (or if you're feeling generous and want to support the developer), you'll want to upgrade to AndFTP Pro for £3.44. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Light Flow Lite (Free)

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On the advice of the folks in the Galaxy Nexus forums I installed Light Flow to manage how the LED on my Galaxy Nexus works.  They were right!  With Light Flow I can decide what color, how long, and at what rate the LED blinks for different events and notifications.  The free version works with 14 different notification types, allowing me to set a different style of notification LED for each.  Light Flow LiteI can also set notifications on a per contact basis, with a different LED pattern for missed calls, SMS messages, and MMS messages.  The paid version enables notifications for over 100 apps, including social networks like Twitter and Google+, and allows for a bit more fine-tuning of things like blink rate and time until the LED shuts off.

Most importantly, I can set Light Flow so that I don't get LED notifications for certain events, and to not blink at all during certain hours.  No more of my bedroom lighting up like a disco in the middle of the night.  Light Flow Lite is free in the Market, and the paid version is $1.99  You'll need Android 2.2 or higher, and a device with a multi-color notification LED of course.  Give it a shot! [Market Link]