For all you who have been waiting for the Nexus S to come out for you to pick one up, the wait is over and now you probably want to load it up with some great applications. The market can be a bit difficult to navigate depending how much time you have to spare, so let us give you some ideas of what to load up on that new shiny device.

Sean Brunett - Windows Phone Android


Do you like tinkering with your launcher or home screen? Try out Windows Phone windows-phoneAndroid, which brings the tiled style of the new Windows Phone 7 OS to Android. Some like the look and feel if it were just put on Android it would be great, and this solves that issue. Others like something new every once in a while and this is definitely different than a lot of other launchers out there. It’s also fun to show your Windows Phone 7 friends than your phone can mirror theirs in 5 minutes while it would take some serious hacking to do the reverse. There is a Lite version and a full version for $2.99. Try it out for free and if you like it, consider supporting the developer. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper


treeLive wallpapers are one of my favorite parts of the Android devices, and the ability to change them quickly on the fly is even better. With Christmas here next week, I felt a little festive and decided to look for a wallpaper to match. Christmas Tree live wallpaper is a great, free wallpaper that can be customized to make the tree exactly how you like it. The wallpaper does make the tree a bit large, so if you like to have a lot of applications on your home screen this may not be for you, but give it a shot, it's rather impressive. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Chris Parsons - Group My Apps

Despite me being a pretty disorganized person, I really cannot stand my device being disorganized. Having come across Group My Apps in the Android Market a few days ago, my device now is more organized then ever. Group My Apps allows you to create folders, sort apps and even create custom shortcuts and widgets to more effectively allow you to access all that is important to you. Although it's not 100 percent the way I would like things to be, for free it's kind of hard to pass up. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Andrew Melnizek - City Jump

How should I put this game into perspective? Let's try this: think
Mirror's Edge's fast running/wall climbing action -- meets beefy superhero dude. This little combination makes City Jump. The game developed by DroidHen, makes for a quick fix of gaming on the go. The goal of the game is to run up two parallel buildings and defeat enemies on your way to the top. Defeat enemies by tapping on the screen to make your hero jump. But watch out! Enemies grow in numbers as you scale the side of the buildings. The game is a free download, and was recently updated with some Christmas cheer. [Market Link | AppBrain]