It's that time of week again, where we share with you our favorite Android applications. Join us after the break!

Casey Chan - Yelp


It's simple really, I like to eat. As such, I like to discover new places to eat and there's few better ways to do that than through Yelp. Yelp is especially helpful because it uses your location to determine its listings, which is doubly important if you're in a new city. Even though Yelp on Android has a lot of room to grow, it just makes finding good places to eat so easy. And for me, that makes it a must download on any Android phone! Free [Market link]

Phil Nickinson - World War

World War

I've been trying not to play this game. It's turn-based, and limited in time and resources (any Kingdom of Loathing fans out there? It's like that), so you kind of have to work at it. But darned if I can't put it down. Acquire soldiers, vehicles and buildings, and complete missions for more recognition. Then take on the other 2.8 million other players live, form alliances ... and quit wondering where the day went. Free [Market link]

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Jared DiPane - Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS

This has replaced my standard SMS client. What does Handcent do that your stock messaging client can't? It allows for nearly full customization of the application, colors, bubble styles, font styles, notification icon, and even LED colors. This application can fully replace your standard application because it handles SMS and MMS, and gives tons of settings and customization options. Friendly tip for those downloading for the first time - turn off notifications on your existing Messaging Application, so you won't receive duplicate notifications. My favorite part of all about this application? The price. Free [Market link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Tech Buzz Widget

Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz is a homescreen widget from Mippin that gives you the latest Tech, Mobile, Android, Gadgets or Gaming News and Videos in a 4x1 space. Set your content filter and Tech Buzz will display the latest 20 headlines from it's news feed based on your selection on the widget, while a click on the widget opens the app where all categories are available. Like any commercial news feed, it won't get every story, but Tech Buzz is a great way to stay up to date on the latest major headlines when you aren't able to spend the time finding them yourself. Free [Market link]

Ali Fazel - Shoot It!

Shoot It

Shoot It! is one of the best ideas for an app that I've ever seen. You snap a picture, pick a contact (or contacts), and click send. The next day, a postcard with the photo goes out in the mail and it will arrive within a week to the U.S., UK, Japan, Western Europe, and many parts of Asia. It does take credits to use, but they give you 2 free when you sign up to check things out. Note: If you are using a custom ROM you may have trouble selecting a contact. Free application, pay service. [Market link]