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We're back, folks, with another round of our favorite apps. And we're a little travel-heavy this week, probably cause we've all been traveling a bit. Join us after the break.

Jared DiPane - Tripcase


Traveling can be quite a pain. You have to remember departure times, arrival times, gate numbers, seat numbers -- the list goes on. The most important thing you have is your Android device, and Tripcase brings all of your flight information to your phone. The information is clearly displayed, so it's easy to find at busy airports. In addition to this, all you have to do is email them your itinerary for your travel plans from the email address you have linked to your Tripcase account, and they will put it all in that easy to read format for you and send an email reply once it is finished, and then it's available right from your device. This application has certainly made all my travels, business and personal, a whole world easier. Free [Market link]

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Jerry Hildenbrand - BarTender


Even the world's biggest Apple fans know that the Android notification bar is a great bit of software. BarTender takes it one step further by allowing you to place shortcuts and folders in your notification bar. Besides a link to any installed app on your phone, you can place shortcuts to everything from your settings menu as well as any shortcut you would be able to place on your homescreen. If that's not enough reason to love this app, you can also place a folder in the notification bar and fill it up with any of those shortcuts too. In my example, I've placed direct shortcuts to my family for both messaging and calls, all wrapped up neatly in folders, as well as a link to my WiFi settings. Absolutely awesome to have access to my most needed functions no matter what screen I'm looking at. Full version ~$1.70 [Market link] | Free lite version [Market link]

Erica Marchand - Silent Time Lite

Silent Time Lite - Android

This app has saved me from the teacher's evil eye several times this semester already. Seems like more and more cell phones are going off at the wrong times like when in class or at work, even worse when your sound asleep and your friend decides to text you something that was so not worth being woken up for. Silent Time lite is a silent alarm clock that you can set and even label so you can't be disturbed. It vibrates once its active then again once its inactive to let you know your volume is back up. There is even an exception choice so you can never miss that emergency or important call. You can also enable vibrate from exceptions. Silent Time Lite stays active in your notifications bar while active and can be easily turned off and back on from the notifications bar. In addition it comes with a "Quick Quiet" widget where you set the duration for your preferred amount of time (can even enable vibrate). Free [Market link]

Mickey Papillon - Tripit


The Tripit application is one of the best ways to organize your travel. The service allows you to send in all your confirmation emails into a special email address, and it analyzes and inputs all the information, sorted by trip. When you launch the app, it syncs up all the trips that you have sent in to the service, and allows you to select the trip you wish to view. The information about the flight, hotel, cars and anything else can easily be entered. This app is a must for anyone who travels often. Free [Market link]

 Phil Nickinson - GPS Status

GPS Status

Now that I have my Nexus One in its proper car dock, it's time to do some navigating. And the Google Maps navigation is great if I don't know where I'm going. But what if I just want to futz around with it in town? Enter GPS Status. It tells me which direction I'm going, how fast, how fast I'm accelerating,gives longitude and latitude, altitude and shows satellite connections. You can share your locations via SMS, e-mail or a QR code. You also can change over to metric measurements, if you're into that sort of thing. Also should be fun on airplanes. Oh, and drive safely. Free [Market link]