Black Friday deal knocks the price of the Echo Flex down to just £5 at Amazon UK

Echo Flex plugged into wall
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While perusing the endless list of early Black Friday offers that we've been receiving lately, I came across a truly special smart home deal for our readers in the UK. Pick up the Echo Flex ahead of Black Friday and you'll get a whopping 80% off, a straight discount that sends the price of the smart plug crashing down to a mere £5. 

With the Echo Flex, you're getting a wall plug that lets you extend your Alexa support to any room in your home. The plug has a small microphone/speaker system that lets you talk to Alexa without needing a full smart speaker in the room. Whether you're adjusting the thermostat, turning on lights, or checking the weather, the Echo Flex is one cheap way to make your smart home a little smarter, especially when you pair it with an epic 80% discount. The Flex also has a little blue light that lets you know when Alexa is "listening", plus there's a USB-A port on the bottom of the plug for charging your phone. All of this for a fiver? Count us in. 

UK readers: get 80% off the Echo Flex ahead of Black Friday

Amazon Echo Flex: £24.99£4.99 at Amazon UK

Amazon Echo Flex: £24.99 £4.99 at Amazon UK

Weeks before Black Friday, Amazon is slashing a whopping 80% off the Echo Flex, a versatile little smart plug that brings Alexa voice support to any room in your smart home. Simply plug in the Flex to any outlet and go into the Alexa app and you'll be set up in seconds. For just £5, what's the risk?

This particular deal is only available to our readers in the UK and Ireland, but if you're living elsewhere and on the hunt for epic discounts, check out our guide to the best early Black Friday smart home deals available now. We're actively keeping track of all the biggest seasonal discounts so you can plan to upgrade your smart home ecosystem for cheap ahead of the holidays. 

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