Earth Day 2022: This Verizon sale is offering up to 50% off eco-friendly phone accessories

Verizon Earth Day Sale
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It feels like a new Verizon sale crops up every day, but few are as enticing ⁠— or as important ⁠— as the wireless carrier's current Earth Day promotion. For the entire month of April, Verizon is discounting tons of its eco-friendly phone accessories, with discounts on everything from wireless chargers to Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra cases.

Buying sustainable phone accessories can be tricky, however. Some companies that market themselves as eco-friendly may only do the bare minimum to decrease their carbon footprint, while others do nothing but greenwash their brand with meaningless buzzwords. Luckily, we've scoured Verizon's long list of eco-friendly accessories and picked out some products that are both sustainable and a great value. 

As with all Verizon deals, when you're exploring the list of products, don't forget to confirm that each one is compatible with your device before making a purchase. If you're looking for a new case, also make sure that the manufacturer didn't skimp on durability when producing their product. A sustainable phone case becomes much less sustainable if you need to replace it every two weeks. 

And lastly, have fun! Dozens of stylish cases, phone grips, and efficient chargers await, so take your time choosing the best S22 accessories for you. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly accessories from Verizon's Earth Day sale: 

The best eco-friendly cases on sale at Verizon

LifeProof Wake Series Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra:$39.98$19.99 

LifeProof Wake Series Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra: $39.98 $19.99 

The LifeProof Wake Series is constructed from over 85% recycled plastic that's been removed from the world's oceans. The case is also shipped in recyclable packaging and was independently verified to withstand falls from over 6.5 feet. LifeProof has developed Wake Series cases for a lot of different phones, but if you have an S21 Ultra, this particular model is for you. 

Rifle Paper Co. Case for Galaxy S22: $44.99$33.74

Rifle Paper Co. Case for Galaxy S22: $44.99 $33.74

Sporting a stylish design and partially constructed from recycled plastic, this Rifle Paper Co. case was expertly engineered with sustainability in mind. The floral-printed case is wireless charging-compatible and provides up to 10 feet of drop protection, and right now you can save 25% instantly at Verizon.

Incipio Organicore Clear Case for Galaxy S22: $44.99$33.74

Incipio Organicore Clear Case for Galaxy S22:  $44.99 $33.74

This case is 25% off and 100% compostable, but this model takes it even further with up to 14 feet of drop protection and a sleek clear design. The case is also wireless charging-compatible and features unique, textured grips that were inspired by patterns found in nature. Incipio has made clear cases for a ton of different phones, but if you're a Galaxy S22 user, today's your lucky day.

Gear4 Copenhagen Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra: $39.99$19.99

Gear4 Copenhagen Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra: $39.99 $19.99

This solid black case is made of 52% renewable resources and has been third-party tested to provide up to 13 feet of drop protection. The case has also been treated with an anti-microbial coating that inhibits bacteria growth, and it's recyclable so you can safely dispose of it when you need to upgrade. 

The best eco-friendly accessories on sale at Verizon

Nimble Eco-Friendly USB-C Dual Wall Charger: $49.99 $37.49

Nimble Eco-Friendly USB-C Dual Wall Charger: $49.99 $37.49

This impressive little USB-C charger is made from over 72% recycled plastic and is totally BPA-free. Its dual USB-C and USB-A charging ports mean that you can charge two devices simultaneously, and the device has been independently tested to prevent overheating. Nimble is a certified climate-neutral company and a B Corporation to boot, so you can shop comfortably knowing that you're making an ethical purchase. 

PopSockets PopGrip Plant:$19.98$9.99

PopSockets PopGrip Plant: $19.98 $9.99

Like other phone grips, the PopGrip Plant can be fixed to the back of your phone to make holding it easier. This grip is made of 35% plant-based materials, such as corn starch and canola oil, and Verizon is currently dropping 50% off the retail price. 

Verizon 30W Lightning Vehicle Charger:$44.99$22.49

Verizon 30W Lightning Vehicle Charger: $44.99 $22.49

The best car chargers are fast, reliable, and easy to use. Verizon's Lightning Charger is all of these things and more. Constructed from 50% recycled plastic and treated with an anti-microbial coating, the Lightning Charger claims to charge your device up to 50% in only 30 minutes. 

Since it's an official Verizon product, it also falls under the company's sustainability initiative: one tree will be planted for every sustainable accessory sold. 

If you're also looking for an eco-friendly phone, we've got you covered there too. Check out our list of the best sustainable and repairable phones, where we look at more products that are manufactured responsibly with our planet's future in mind. 

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