Apps of the week

Time-savers and time-wasters

It's Sunday, and that means it's time to look at a few app recommendations from us here at AC. Working with an Android in our hand all week means we have plenty of time to give apps a try, and we always like to share the ones we find that warrant some love.

Of course, we also want to hear your app picks, so we can take a look. Many of you fine folk spend as much time with an Android in your hands as we do, and we consider you to be one of our best resources for finding great new applications. Have a look at our picks, then tell us yours in the comments!

Ara Wagoner — Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall

Yeah, yeah, we need to let it go, it's been a year now. It's not gonna happen. I've always been a Bejeweled fan, and the Frozen take on it has actually been quite an enjoyable way to test out tablets. More importantly, I've been adamant about not giving Disney all my money just to get past ridiculously hard levels like Level 69, and so Frozen Free Fall has been not only a test for my devices but for my patience and persistence, since your lives regenerate naturally at a rate of one per half hour.

And for those of you who've actually managed to get through the levels from last year and this Summer, there's now a flurry of new levels for Christmas for you to check out. Just don't give in and buy a plethora of those shiny blue stars. The shiny blue stars are so tempting...

Download - Frozen Free Fall (Free, in-app purchases)

Richard Devine — Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar

I have a problem with calendar apps, in that I have far too many. But, one I do always keep around is Sunrise Calendar and that's mainly for its plugins. I'll confess it isn't my favorite calendar app ever, but, because of what I can do with it, I refuse to be without it.

The two big ones are Trello and Todoist. Both can integrate with Sunrise and import your cards and tasks from the respective services and display them on your calendar on the correct dates. It's because of this and a pretty decent looking widget that I have on my homescreen that I use it so much. Everything I do in the day is contained within those two services, and Sunrise helps me keep track without having to open the dedicated apps.

Download: Sunrise Calendar (Free)

Andrew Martonik – Cocktail Compass

Cocktail Compass

Warning – this isn't the prettiest app you'll see this week, but the data it offers can be of the utmost importance. Cocktail Compass is an app that helps you explore and find the nearest bars and restaurants with active happy hours running.

You can see restaurants by distance or alphabetically, then tap each to get details on their specials, exactly how much longer their happy hour is available and importantly a navigation button to hit and point you in the right direction. It doesn't offer up full menus, but you at least get contact info for the place and a way to view their website for up-to-date offerings.

It only works in a handful of cities right now (I'd assume it's tough to gather this much data) but if you live in or near one it may be worth giving Cocktail Compass a whirl. It's not going to win any design awards, but when you're the one in the group that finds the nearby bar with a great drink special it isn't going to matter.

Jerry Hildenbrand — Godus

Peter Molyneux (the same Peter Molyneux who brought us Populus) and his company 22cans have finally brought Godus to Android. In this game, you're in charge of everything that happens during the shaping and growth of the game world. You start with a relatively barren landscape and a duo of "devoted followers." Use touch controls to shape the landscape so your followers can build and multiply. As the things go well in your world, you can harvest "belief" points which are used to make even more changes. Or if you decide some punishment is needed, you can rain down a meteor strike.

Godus is a much-hyped game with plenty of mixed reviews. I've found it a good casual time-waster, and since the game itself is free you should check it out and decide for yourself how much you like it — and if it's worth spending some money on the in-app purchases. For me, it is.

Download: Godus (Free, in-app purchases)