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It's Appday Sunday and that means we're back with more of our favorites to share. Every week we bring a handful of great apps to the table and share them with everyone. Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

Russell Holly — Ampere


With all the fuss surrounding USB-C cables being potentially unsafe, it slowly dawned on me that I have at least a year and a half in front of me where I'm going to need to carry two kinds of USB cables with me everywhere for charging and data. This realization also pointed out just how many USB cables I had amassed over the last couple of years, many of which probably aren't very good. To help me sort through my junk cables, I turned to Ampere. It gives you live data on how fast your phone is charging or discharging, which gives me the information I need to sort through my junk cables and under-performing Qi chargers. It's also free, through the Pro in-app purchase unlocks some nice widgets and notifications if you want to see this information all the time.

Download: Ampere (Free)

Jared DiPane — Deliveries Package Tracker


Managing deliveries can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Your inbox quickly becomes flooded with a bunch of tracking numbers and then what do you do, check them all manually to keep up to date? Well, not anymore.

Deliveries Package Tracker allows you to enter your tracking numbers, select the carrier, name the delivery and then have one spot to keep up to date on all the incoming stuff. Whether you've got something from USPS, FedEx, DHL or any other carrier, you can now view them from the same spot. The app offers a ton of extra options, push notifications, and much more. It's free to get started with the ad-supported version, and then there are a variety of in-app purchases depending on your needs.

Download: Deliveries Package Tracker (Free)

Jen Karner — SwiftKey Symbols

SwiftKey Symbols

SwiftKey Symbols is a fantastic symbol-based assistive communication app. It's built for people who have communication disabilities to give them an easier time communicating with the people around them. It's preloaded with over a dozen categories filled with words, including sentence builders. You also have the option of adding new words, with pictures you've taken yourself. When you add words to a sentence, they will appear at the top of the screen and after a sentence or thought has been built you can play it out loud. This is a huge step forward for helping those who can't communicate easily, to gain back a degree of autonomy, while also making sure that their thoughts are heard clearly by the people in their life.

Download: SwiftKey Symbols (Free)

Phil Nickinson — Natter


Because sometimes Twitter is just too much but you still need a way to express yourself into the ether, there's Natter. Three words. And a hashtag. Maybe a pic or link. But that's it. No more than that. If you need more than that, you're really just … wait for it … nattering on anyway.

Download: Natter (Free)

Ara Wagoner — WINTER - Watch Face

Winter watch face

Finding a festive holiday face that doesn't go straight from cute to childish can be a bit of an ask, but thankfully you'll find a more refined face in WINTER. This watch face brings the easy customization and wealth of options Tha Phlash's watch faces are known for making a face that is right at home at your holiday party, or just checking the lines while rushing through a checkout line Christmas shopping. If you're looking for a face that won't kill your watch or your fashion sense, it's hard to go wrong with WINTER.

Download: WINTER - Watch Face ($1.99)

Andrew Martonik — Sensor Sense

Sensor Sense

Our phones have an amazing number of sensors in them, and that goes well beyond just looking at ambient light and locating you with GPS. If you want to see all of the immense data that your phone is pulling in, Sensor Sense is one of the best apps to do it. Pressure, location, network info, acceleration, magnetic field, gyroscope and more can all be read — whether you're just curious about the info or have a real use for it.

There are plenty of apps that can simply read the incoming info from your sensors, but Sensor Sense displays it in a simple-to-use interface. The main interface gives you a handful of tiles showing information from each sensor, and then when you tap the individual tiles you can get a graph of the sensor data over time. There's a simple banner ad at the bottom, of each screen, but if you find yourself using the app a bit it's worth spending $1.99 to remove ads.

Download: Sensor Sense (Free, $1.99 in-app purchase)