Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!

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nter88 says:

get me in on this

zmijek says:

i wander if i can win

Jeff0918 says:

I would love a keyboard for my Xoom!

I would love this for my newly Honeycomb'd Flyer!

bjs188 says:

That looks yummy. I'd like one please!

holycrap8 says:

Count me in, would love to try this on my new tablet.

beng8686 says:

Would go very nicely with my Xoom and possibly my GNEX (compatibility unknown). Would very much appreciate it androidcentral... help a bra out.

almostwise says:

Yes please!

krYsti0 says:

I would love a keyboard for my tablet! :)

randmthought says:

I could use one for my Asus Transformer

Sure. Could used this guy on plenty of devices.

TaylorFC says:

I would LOVE a keyboard for my Xoom. It would go nicely with my other Logitech products.

wmcnair says:

Thanks. This would work great for my tablet.

DarkWizard says:

Sounds good to me.

dogblade03 says:

I would love a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet.

Mattsrow says:

Sign me up Scotty!

torgga says:

I want :(

nojok3 says:

I want one!!

Great, love bluetooth, especially for my tablet. Thanks AC!

krid says:

My EeePc is too old, time for a better solution.

elgarza85 says:

i need one for my galaxy tab :)

DrLouie says:

Would be great to win a bluetooth keyboard as my first win from AC.

tben007 says:

Oooo this is neato mosquito. Did I miss the drawing? Hope not,pick me!!

figueroaw says:

I want it!!

Fa11ou7 says:

Cool, thanks for the freebies =D

lou2cool88 says:

Would love this for my Galaxy Tab 10.1! Good luck everyone!

estoril says:

Heck yeah I would love one of these! Thanks guys!

Still able to win? We'll see...

harelstern says:

OMG-OMG-OMG free stuff!!

fizymike says:

this is my comment

parking_god says:

Say, does the (rooted) Nook Color have Bluetooth? No? Oh, well. I'd still like one.

vwclass11 says:

I'll take one please, thanks in advance....

joshdhall11 says:

Hey AndroidCentral, I could defintely use an awesome bluetooth keyboard for my Asus Transformer. Thanks for keeping us informed on all the new and coolest android devices.

gudaman says:

Funny, i was just shopping around for one of these today! It would be great to have one of these so i could multitask on my paired devices at work.

Sure could use it!

scottw44 says:

please pick me!

This would be great.

leaddog128 says:

theres something I could use.....

mafaquem says:

Well never thought a tablet would need keyboard...would it ? Oh well i can only tell once i get this ;)

ortie001 says:

This would be nice.

hotzb22 says:

Would love to use it with my asus prime when I get it

imarek3 says:

Pick me, me, me, me, or me.

theoctillion says:

thanks ac!

ritek3 says:

I would use that keyboard to post more comments in Android Central :-)

ChBtT says:

Seems legit to me.

taztaz8380 says:

Please me

kiwi_in_kc says:

I won this?!

vkarlski says:

I can haz?O

ohadios says:

I want it! Gimme!

andriagassi says:

I'm gonna give this to my girlfriend. Bitches love bluetooth keyboards.

DrScrubs says:

Logitech is great!

Spartoi says:

I want one please.

joker42179 says:

ohhhh pick me!!!

I would love a keyboard I'd actually use...

drewsonian says:


testmail001 says:

Can't hurt to try.

TimeHunter says:

I hope I'm in time!

avisek says:

i will love to win it..

Gator352 says:

I want this!

haddixel says:

I'm a poor 19 year old girl in collage but a few months ago my laptop got stolen from my room.But luckily I got an acer tablet for x-mas. This keyboard would be the perfect belated christmas gift from santa to restore my laptop functionalities.

leshy says:

Pretty, pretty, pretty PLEASE!!!!?!?!

supermann423 says:

would work well with my acer iconia!

ima_unc_fan says:

This would go swell with my Tab 10.1....

ktracho207 says:


Cyclone_Cy says:

Looks nice.

rswain64 says:

This would go great with my new Christmas present tablet!

Just registered to post this comment. Would love a bluetooth keyboard to use with my Photon 4G, and HTPC.

andylatham99 says:

This would be perfect for me! I hope I'm not too late...


I'd love one, but I need a tablet first :(

ExtremeRyno says:

If I'm too late, I can't help it. My office doesn't offer wifi!

Just got the Transformer Prime last week, no dock yet. Maybe I won't need it???

code007 says:

This would be a great addition to my kindle fire !

keep the free stuff coming

google123 says:

I'm not too late am I? Thanks

I would love to have this

The Lip says:

I hope that I am not too late. This would be cool.

gdbusby says:

A new keyboard would be a great addition to my new tab plus

zaze says:


taran says:

Is this for worldwide Android Central readers? Note that lately I learned the hard way that international != worldwide, so I am wondering if any Android Central anywhere in the world can follow this contest. If the answer is yes, excellent and count me in please.

fgcchevy says:

This would be awesome to go with my new acer Iconia A500! Thanks

LiGhTMaGiCk says:

Bet I'm too late but I'll leave a comment anyway. This would be really cool to have. :-)

masencio says:

I want it.

os2baba says:

I hope I'm not too late!

Josh515 says:

I would like one!

tetsuo says:

Would love to have this for my new galaxy tab

another day, another gamble

tkminter says:

I'd love to have one!

keilflex says:


alexabenoja says:

I could use one for my new samsung tab

ChaosZero112 says:

Hope it's not too late to chime in.

pat_the_cat says:

I could really use one of these with my Xoom at work.

Jimcoker says:

I'm sure this is too late, but I'll leave a post anyhow.

BerSerX says:

I wants me a keyboard :D

sonicmotion says:


nathaniz says:

If I'm not too late, I might win!

scaots says:

That's a nice looking keyboard. The ones with edgeas made to fit with the tablet look uncomfortable. Please pock me. Thank you

3dxtrip says:

I want to this keyboard for my Thrive

dweissinger says:

I would love one. :-)

xerpong says:

im not sure i won it though..hmm..

duxbak99 says:

[1000th comment?]

It looks so sexy... oooh, keyboard!

aberod777 says:

just what i need for my xoom

theological says:

This would be wonderful for my droid X.

bplewis24 says:


Johnston212 says:

Hopefully I made it in time. I have been dying to get my hands on a BT Keyboard, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me

h-cubed says:

I want please!!

mike_pfz says:

Please i would like to win this keyboard for my new Sony Tablet,because i dont have $79 to buy one.

cme333 says:

I want!

krisguy says:

Bluetooth keyboards are so nice. I could use another because my wife keeps taking my Moto BT keyboard for her iPad.

pick me!!

lordsld says:

It will go great with my Xoom.

lhowe2005 says:

Worth posting to try to win a free Bluetooth keyboard...

maxstaff says:

This is a must have for sure!

el_chiefo says:

Pick me so that I can use it WHENEVER my Prime decides to show up

winona says:

me me me

Orcares says:

Please pick me!

Nilla says:

There ain't nothing like your smile, your legs, and those eyes.

mrjam3s says:

I hope I'm not too late to enter...

1337ray says:

I need a new keyboard. Be nice to win one.

This would be a prefect addition to my transformer!!

Joneser2006 says:

HOpe I'm not too late, thanks for the chance to win.

basavaradhya says:


GoldyAu says:

Me me me! :)

Da808Dragon says:


hurtigan says:

i need it!

tronthedon says:

heh I bet a good amount of these people don't even have a tablet yet...

mattb5#AC says:

Sweet! I could definitely use one of those.

jazzbass12 says:

Today is my 48th birthday and would make a great gift. I would love to pair it with my Samsung 8.9. If not I will buy one soon.

gazukpr says:

I need a nice keyboard.

Gryfter says:

This will also work with GB devices - just not as well.

rsjrny says:

winning is great, thanks.

Jcrabapple says:

I just started running an Ice Cream Sandwich rom on my A500. I'd love to have this for an even more complete experience.

AustinTechie says:

Very Nice Rig...Would fit nicely on my desk :)

sprintgirl says:

Oh I've been waiting to buy one of these!

salemfox says:

That would be awesome, my Flyer's just been upgraded to 3.0!

matchew900 says:

Thanks AC!

mr.holtz says:

Sign me up baby!

evallee says:

Did I miss it?

snager says:

Count me in thx AC!

Sahmbo1 says:

If it's still open, I'm in!

sinanharb says:

I've always wanted a good keyboard for my galaxy tab 8.9

Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard = LapDroid .. LOL

hope i win :)

Yussel1 says:

I was one of the first to get a Toshiba Thrive. Love it. Absolutely NO problems so far. I think most of the problems stated on the blog are USER ERROR. To use ANY computer device you have to understand how computers work and THINK.

It would be nice to have a dock and keyboard.

Tip: When I fly I buy a DVD and convert it to the proper CODEC for the Thrive with FOXREAL DVD Ripper. I have tried FREE Rippers and they do not work for the proper configurations for the Thrive Honeycomb Operating System. Prior to the Thrive I traveled with a Netbook and plug in USB DVD player. The Thrive is a lot less hassle to set up on those cramped airline seats. Plugin the headset and push play.

TheMan876 says:

Yes please.

Hollow.Droid says:

This would go great with my Christmas present :)

mrfett79 says:

I could use a keyboard for my HTC Evo 4g View. Thanks

Latino293 says:

That key board would go great with my new Galaxy Tab 10.1 I received for Christmas!

jong54 says:

I want one!!!!

Kitchen42 says:


Kitchen42 says:


gregwlsn says:

Am I too late? I hope I'm not too late.

I hereby promise to type all my comments using my new Logitech keyboard and my elbows.

ski2tee says:

This will go well without my next purchase!

bjbeier says:

Sooo, did anyone ever win this?

wurm- says:

Me likey new keyboard!