Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!

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moelsen says:

i could use a keyboard for my xoom! :)

jaskojad says:

This would make a great addition for my over touched Xoom

nsechrist says:

I could use this to convince my wife to take my transformer so I have reason to go out and get a prime... By giving me the keyboard you would be furthing android in my house and one more activation..

designate72 says:

I hope it does't have to be a top level comment, I could really use this for my Fire. As a side note, do Bluetooth keyboards work with the stock software?

nautcasprt6 says:

I second that.
Hopefully I didnt miss the cut off time for this.

Sendan says:

This would go great with my tab, goodluck to all.

laand says:

Would be great!!!

vancouverp says:

Pick me please! I'd love to have a keyboard.

oooo!! one for me please. You guys rock with all the give-a-ways. Thanks as always.

NDchem2014 says:

I would love a keyboard for my tablet! :)

barkerpc says:

Free stuff

nodforce says:

I love free stuff!

matyou98 says:

I haven't won anything yet. Maybe this will be my lucky entry!

shroutr says:

Me too.

InfrnalSky says:

My dad picked up a Tab 10.1 during the holidays, but is having problems typing on it. This would make the perfect accessory to help him out.

Glenuendo says:

Free stuff is cool.

vzzoom says:

I need this for my xoom

jmartinbsu says:

Yes please...

Jugler says:

lucky shot!!

FusioNFro says:

sweeeett freeebies

JIM197078 says:

Late Christmas gift? I new you would not forget me. Thanks

levi#AC says:

This would be a nice post holiday present!

commonplace says:

Pick me, pick me, yeah!

Sambo41 says:

I need this keyboard!

JoeLemaire says:

Pick me!

could put one to good use with my GTab 10.1!!

justlookin says:

This would go nice with my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus!!!

Yes please!

s0nic69 says:

I have been wanting this keyboard since i first saw the review for it.
Looks like a good useful keyboard.

mhpspeed says:

No, Pick me!

This would sure come in handy for my brand new Thrive.

nocaldawg says:

Would love to have this.

MasterRy88 says:

Wow that keyboard looks really nice. Maybe this will be the first contest I win!

05GT says:

What the heck? I'll throw my hand in the pot. I never win anything.

Westfire says:

Nice keyboard! Thanks for giving some many things away!

Socrates11 says:

This is my comment, per your instructions.

abtxpress says:

I'm in. 1:3000 chance of winning.

unglued94ta says:

I've been wanting one of these for a while now for my Tab 10.1!!!

radgatt says:

I could use the keyboard. If the bionic accessory winner doesnt respond i would love to have his winnings.

ddaydev says:

This would work great with my acer a100, I'm sure I am not the only person who got a tablet for the holidays so goodluck everybody else.

rediroc says:


MAO04 says:

I'd like it please. Thanks!

dtanderson says:

I would love to get this, put my name in the hat.

nnatic says:

i want one for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE!!! I was too cheap to pull the trigger when i was looking.


daniel2744 says:

winning this keyboard would be great for my wifi xoom :) good luck to everyone else but i know phil will pick the me ;) lol

84guy says:

nice. :D

gatortuba says:

Awesome. I need a keyboard for my Xoom

Suntan says:

Keyboard me please.


Teniferman says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Oh well, I never win anyway...

grifin1978 says:

Pick me Phil!

vtec4me says:

I would love to win a bluetooth keyboard. This will work perfectly with my Xoom and plus with school starting soon, it will definitely beneficial with my academic studies.

schmogo says:

Free the bluetooth keyboard!

polar135 says:

Would love to win! Thanks for the contest.

jimmy5cent says:

Great keyboard. I would love this.

joedon3 says:

I haven't gotten any new toys in MONTHS! And tomorrow is my birthday. ;-)

bdb23 says:

Me please

grantheppes says:

Hello, I would like to win this item. Thank you. Bye

bdfull3r says:

my Galaxy Tab 8.9 could use a nice new keyboard :)

brian2177b says:

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a keyboard.

HAAS599 says:

Here's a shot in the dark

I would love to use this with my newly updated Wifi flyer!!

jhotmann says:

I love bluetooth keyboards

clayshaw says:

Oh, thank you! I'll take a bluetooth keyboard off your hands!

rsuri2 says:

Hope I win so I can lug around more stuff when I travel.

Oh wow, this would be great! I have been wanting a BT keyboard!

7590steve says:

I would love this for my thrive.

SomeAudioGuy says:

Sign me up! Thanks for a great give away!

PensHockey says:

Winning!! Please for my Xoom!

Jodeit says:

Yes, sir!

Samlehman90 says:

This would be awesome to have. I've been eyeing it for awhile now.

mrsoul41 says:

I want this!

salvikid01 says:

I would love to have this!!. I use my tablet every day and this would be so much quicker and easier on my hands :-) . Pick me please

Vonbane says:

I now have a XOOM and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 so this would come in very handy indeed.

bsharitt says:


luiz_82 says:

I want this!

ENG618 says:

That would be a nice additions :)

draven760 says:

This would be great to use in our lab..where we design life saving devices that any of you might be in need of someday...just saying...

lawbrown2 says:

I was just looking today for a bluetooth keyboard to replace the folio keyboard I bought with my ThinkPad tablet, and then I saw this post. If my karma is working, I would love to win this one!

Axic10 says:

Would love to win this.

xiaosong says:

nice, would go nicely with my tablet.

cuberob says:

i'd love one!

mjkep says:

Here and now instead of there and then

I totes would love to have a BT keyboard. Sign me up for a win.

Terrigno says:

I wanna WIN. ITs My Birthday!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

werncontrol says:

I'll take that!

aatkbd says:

I have been looking for a tablet keyboard but wasn't will to buy one without trying one first hand first.

quzer says:


ccano8 says:

Would love this for my XOOM!

Yes please!

mattsthe2 says:

*Inserts raffle ticket into slot*

reverik says:

I would like to have this thing which you are mentioning. It will go nicely with my galaxy tab. End comment.

vchewjr says:

Would Love it for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 !!

rootshell says:

my XOOM would love this! :)

epicdata4g says:

I want a keyboard for my new tablet i'm getting

epicdata4g says:

I want a keyboard for my new tablet i'm getting

epicdata4g says:

I want a keyboard for my new tablet i'm getting

jsheehan223 says:

Just got my wife a Xoom for Christmas. She would LOVE IT!


eltrutgnik says:

ill take it off your hands =]

Charmed Juan says:

Who says material wealth can't make you happy. Give this to me and watch me smile. :)

Disco says:

Ok that would be SURE to get tons of use!

Gimme, gimme, gimme! I so need a keyboard!

jbrown1114 says:

Thanks AC!

mleer says:

Hey my two favorite things Logitech accessories and my favorite Android site Android Central. Cool! The Droid Bionic would be a nice consolation prize if I don't get the keyboard. You guys are the BESTS!

dscott23 says:

Me please :)

rahssan says:

I just had to send my Galaxy Tab to Plano, TX for service on the Newton Ring I was having, going to get a new gorilla glass on it.....you know what would be cool? If I got a new bluetooth keyboard to go with it ;-)

i'll gladly take it! :)

rsmith2001 says:

Man, this would be nice to write school papers, work emails, etc. with.

cwhims says:

I want!

MintyThug says:

Fingers crossed!!

Ekreed says:

I wonder if this will go well with my note. It's practically a tablet.....

roblee37 says:

I would like to have one.

ram3 says:

I'll take it if you must give it away. Just send it over. Thanks.

EvaUnit01#AC says:

A logitech keyboard would go great with the ASUS Transformer tablet I just picked up, rooted and put custom ROM on yesterday.

tspeice87 says:

Ohhhh...I want! Please and thank you...

Deolarte says:

Pick me, I need a keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus

hairclog says:

Pick me! I am too cheap to buy the dock for my transformer.

hwy101 says:

Would love to have this, please send one my way

rfdparker says:

I wonder if this would work with Android 4.0 on a Galaxy Nexus... should do!

Ah... you're using Drupal (login form is give-away), awesome!

curtis206 says:

I love Logitech products.

urbangeek says:

I'll take one thanks!!!

dpzbatman79 says:

I could use a keyboard

ToddPsyD says:

Yay! would be awesome!

dspcap says:

Please please please..... Thank you

whitbord says:

OMG! I need this for my Toshiba Thrive!! Does it come with the stand up thingy too?

sabrekane says:

Yes please. I would love to have that keyboard!

drc4069 says:

You can pick me. Just make sure to bring it to CES next week and I'll pick it up from you guys.

tmeireles says:

Cant wait to use it! :D

hugh82 says:

I want I want! Pick me!

SiahMoto says:

been needing one of these for my Galaxy Tab! awesome! best tech investment I ever made ;-]

tata123 says:

I'd like one of these.

wickedwillis says:

Sweet!! Prefect to go with my new Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1. Christmas is still going :)

Treknologist says:

Cool. Nice of you guys to do this!

dunivan says:

yes please!

free stuff is always good

pantman1212 says:

Would love this for my new Galaxy Tab 10.1

jigsawhc says:

That would come in handy.

ryanf says:

This will go great with my new Prime!!

Yarapaola says:

Omg i have been wanting these keyboard for a long time but, dont have money to buy it it would be a super awsome thing if i won it also because is three magic keen dayyy !!!!

ScottAA says:

Looks handy.

zzzippo says:

me wantieeee plzzzzz!!!!!

big007hed says:

I could use this since we use my xoom to watch movies and netflix on my TV and it is 6 feet away from my bed and getting up after each episode sucks!!!

Yarapaola says:

Omg i have been wanting these keyboard for a long time but, dont have money to buy it it would be a super awsome thing if i won it also because is three magic keen dayyy !!!!

robmcclellan says:

I get my ASUS Prime on the 11th, this would be the most perfect thing to go with it! PICK ME PICK ME!

cajunaggie87 says:

I'll take it!

Yadao says:

Sexy. Do want.

Blah says:

FREE is my favorite 4-letter f-word.

This would match nicely with my Xoom...

Xandroid says:

YAY! I like contests!!! This will go perfect with my Thrive!!! :o)

Animus_3.0 says:

AC and Logitech are awesome. I would give this baby a good home.

upstairs1 says:

Sounds like a great accessory!

stirling says:

111 for the win!

amellerbe says:

I would love to have this with my Xoom. Please pick me.

dbtabasco says:

one please ;)

Shimmy says:

This would be very cool to have.

dizzy007 says:

I need one for my Acer a500. Thanks!!

dazkoi says:

I would totally buy a new Android tablet if I won this.

radjan says:

So, can I join even if I'm from Brazil?

ralphwiggum1 says:

Looks good.

KevlarGibs says:

i've been trying to decide on a bluetooth keyboard for a while. this one looks very nice.

Terrahawk says:

New keyboard for my Xoom!

Michfan4837 says:

Sounds good to me.

Mustang46L says:

Can I have one? k thanx

bearmacerick says:

Pick me, please!

jmart75 says:

Awesome, I've been waiting and waiting to buy a keyboard for my A500. This would be perfect!

NumberZero says:

If open to Canadians yes please I want to enter.

Jay Evans says:

Would be very nice with SGT 10.1

jmorse says:

I could use that!!

Tekmazter says:

What better way to kick off the 1st week of 2012, than to win a BT keyboard for my GTab 10.1.

Happy New Year everyone!

tdi1985 says:

Would be a great accessory for my G10.1

clifton421 says:

Thank you for all the great contests!

ethernetgeek says:

Getting desperate for a win here!!

dryerdoor says:

I wants it *makes grabby gestures*

dcreed says:

Haiku for keyboard
Silly stunt to try and win
Is it working yet?

rj_989 says:

Lets do this!

Ronin392 says:


psipher says:


tychovanveen says:

Hello I'm a new member. It would be a very nice welome present ;-)

User_Agent says:

I would love this for my Xoom. Then I would just need a Bluetooth mouse.

dharr18 says:

Mmmm. Donuts!

MadCraker says:

I love everyone above and below me right here!!!

allesg says:

Send me a keyboard!

jesses.girl says:

Please! I would love this for when I get a new Android tablet!

rsk2mc says:

This would be a great addition to my galaxy tab

gregdapy1 says:

I want it. I am the one. It is my destiny :)

woofable says:

Pick me!

rtmartinez24 says:

I'll take it off your hands!

rootusr says:

I really really need one of this for my new Transformer Prime! :)

CouchFisher says:

Logitech makes great accessories. I tried to use a different BT keyboard and I wasn't happy with it. I would love to give this a shot. Just from the picture it looks a lot better than the off-brand keyboard that's collecting dust.

bprice48 says:

Winning this would be SWEET!

DaGODFather says:

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard + Galaxy Tab 10.1 = Sweet combo!

jnhelman says:

free stuff...always a plus

would be a nice addition to my android tablet family :)

donoldo54 says:

Let's do this

TSX05 says:

would love one for my GT 10.1, oh how sweet it would be!!!

jdavet says:

Hope I win this! Good luck everybody!

krusty46 says:

That would look pretty next to my tablet

trlovejoy says:

Looks like something that I could use for sure.

yankeesusa says:

This is great! This keyboard looks sweet.I love logitech stuff but rarely buy it unless I have a discount of some sort cause its always expensive. Thanks androidcentral for this chance!

IceDree says:

I don't even have a Tablet ... yet , but I'll get one if I won this ... ;)

Valter.VX says:

Being an Android phones fan, making my girlfriend and father in law switch from iPhone to Android (and now happy :P ) i would love to do the same with their iPads.. Give me the chance to do it :)

elavum says:

I would love to have that for my thrive

crisdo98 says:

nom nom nom nom....

Sorghaghtani says:

I would dearly love to see how well it works with both my Android and perhaps other bluetooth enabled devices.

Sounds like a great product!

quailallstar says:

My Asus Transformer told me it would love this ;) hehehe

zyphbear says:

This looks like a really great keyboard too! Thanks for the contest!

malhajji1 says:

Good timing

RMSullivan says:

I need one for my Xoom. Thanks for the chance.

I'd like to win one for my wife's tablet.

jaykeeley says:

sweet, should make life without my laptop easier

ehall1957 says:


asmodeus5 says:

Bluetooth keyboard goodness!!! Count me in!!

AndroidDave says:

This would be great! Thanks guys!

waknowle says:


kayropr says:

That would go perfect with my SGT 10.1.

PapiLouTTU says:

Pick me!

Pre_n_BluHvn says:

Will this work with phones too?

TheBigFerret says:

That keyboards teeth are sad or sumptin'... tss tsst

selenitic says:

My Xoom would love a companion.

CD559 says:


hoorayforjc says:

I use my tablet for work in and outside of the office. This would be a of great benefit to me because of this.

keebler0617 says:

I wanna win!!

frankkka says:

This is on my wishlist... maybe not for much longer :)

mysticv6#AC says:

I'd love it!

sk102704 says:

That would be awesome wirh my Tab 10.1! I love Android Central!

Dougie_fresh says:

Would be great. Might reduce the need for the keyboard dock for my transformer prime...

mldiroff says:

Having a keyboard would be a great help for my mom. Got her a GTab as her first 'computer'.

mikehcalvin says:

Giddy up!

the gator says:

nice with xoom

mzemina says:

This is so nice of you guys! I would like a bluetooth keyboard!

burmz0rz says:

oh yayer! Keyboard for the Xyboard!

kheemskerk says:

I could definitely use one for my 10.1

vebix says:

Xoomy Clicky Keys!

Excrucibo says:

This would be awesome to win! Thanks!

deaner1029 says:

I have a Gtab 10.1 and that would be a great accessory. Pick me!

jomcty says:

My THRiVE and Nexus S would love to be paired with this keyboard.

montgoss says:

Sounds good.

batrad says:

love to get one
will go well with both my XOOM and HTPC

blazr2k says:

Me please!

compuguy says:

Good luck all!

late_boy says:

Pick Me,Hopes it Can Be My 1st New Year Present ~XDDD

Prissy1 says:

I would love to have this Logitech Bluebooth Keyboard. All the typing and surfing I do on my Tablet would be a breeze. I would Tweet daily on how easy and awesome it is now to be online chatting. My friends would envy me! Choose me please as the winner Android Central !

techboydino says:

oooh, Im in. My Evo View would love that fancy keyboard. Logi makes some solid stuff.

misfitjon says:

I just got a Toshiba thrive for Xmas and I would love to get that keyboard cause I just started working for an attorneys office and using the thrive as a mini laptop to carry around

Ponic says:

Ohhh, yeah! Would love to have one of these bad mamma-jammas!

yungmulauh says:

This would go quite nicely with my xoom 4g....<= said in evil villian tone

tritongreek says:

This would be amazing for my Acer A500. Thanks guys!!!

marckarasek says:

My Gtablet would love this as an accessory and I forgot to get it anything for Christmas!

Lupercal says:

Don't have a tablet yet, just a nook color. But, would love a keyboard to go with my future tablet...

jdlongNCSU says:


tankus says:

I would love to have this!!

chilicheech says:

oh snap.. that's an awesome keyboard.. i want one!!

I'd totally have to be productive then!

Would totally use it with my Asus Transformer

sciroccohsd says:

This would be great for all my Android devices!!!!

jkix23 says:

I need a birthday present for my buddy and this would be perfect for him and save me some money at the same time.

Davest says:

Count me in.

datboijon says:

^^^^^^pick that guy

JoeCoDev says:

i can has keyburdz, yes?

bowrycrue says:

I've been wanting one of these forever. This would go great with my Xoom...

rwelsh09 says:

I'd love to have a keyboard!

Hockeypuck55 says:

Would love this

fabs109#AC says:

I would love one thank you!!!!

exarkun says:


amc06003 says:

I was outbid 4 times this week on a keyboard for my SGT10.1.... this would be awesome to win!

3rdStng says:

Nice. A physical keyboard is the only thing better than Swift Key X.

nikolasmason says:

This would be awesome to win! I was just wanting to pick one up actually!

monkeypimp says:

Would love to win this!!

Pierce09 says:

I want!!

loscacas says:

I love keyboards!

maddog2727 says:

That would make typing easier on my Acer Iconia Tab.

Incrediboy says:

"Here on this post" hehehehe...

I would love a keyboard!!

balaji906 says:

great gift idea...! give me

newboyx says:

Count me in!

pixl8ed says:

This would be nice!

Cranky Bear says:

Yes please! XOOM wants!

eternity525 says:

just got my Galaxy Tab 10.1 for christmas, this would be perfect!!

ISiddiqui says:

Would love to have this for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!

frogcub says:

the keyboard looks awesome ;) would go perfect with my tablet

nbkyp6x says:

My Galaxy Tab would love that!

mrjackson#CB says:

A Comment.

Dreamwish says:

Like everyone else, I'd love a keyboard.

Hendelo says:

A awesome keyboard

kilo720 says:

I could use a keyboard

kevin_wsy says:

Thank you Android Central!!

Gazellen says:

It looks like it's designed for Notion Ink adam. I must win it, for my adam ;)

Android central is Awesome with all the giveaways. I will use this with my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1.

Szifresh says:

The awkward moment when you don't know what to say but you want this keyboard!

I need some luck right now and that keyboard looks sweet!

I need some luck right now and that keyboard looks sweet!

I need some luck right now and that keyboard looks sweet!

dramer says:

My laptop just died so I'm using my Galaxy Tab exclusively now...also, I didn't get what I really wanted for Christmas either (or my birthday or Father's Day for that matter) and it's REALLY cold here on top of all that...this keyboard would suuuuuuure make my life just a little bit better ;) Thanks AC, you guys are the best

Live2ride883 says:

Yea this would start the new year off right...

tubamaneric says:

That looks great. I'd love one.

ADa#AC says:

Nice. Logitech. Keyboard.

masterxchief says:

I love this site!

maveagle says:

Pick me!

itis01 says:

Count me in!

buck101 says:

I want one for my Xoom!

Yup, id buy a tablet if I won this hands down!