Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0 tablets



I could use this to convince my wife to take my transformer so I have reason to go out and get a prime... By giving me the keyboard you would be furthing android in my house and one more activation..

I hope it does't have to be a top level comment, I could really use this for my Fire. As a side note, do Bluetooth keyboards work with the stock software?

My dad picked up a Tab 10.1 during the holidays, but is having problems typing on it. This would make the perfect accessory to help him out.

I have been wanting this keyboard since i first saw the review for it.
Looks like a good useful keyboard.

I could use the keyboard. If the bionic accessory winner doesnt respond i would love to have his winnings.

This would work great with my acer a100, I'm sure I am not the only person who got a tablet for the holidays so goodluck everybody else.

i want one for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE!!! I was too cheap to pull the trigger when i was looking.


winning this keyboard would be great for my wifi xoom :) good luck to everyone else but i know phil will pick the me ;) lol

I would love to win a bluetooth keyboard. This will work perfectly with my Xoom and plus with school starting soon, it will definitely beneficial with my academic studies.

I would love to have this!!. I use my tablet every day and this would be so much quicker and easier on my hands :-) . Pick me please

This would be great to use in our lab..where we design life saving devices that any of you might be in need of someday...just saying...

I was just looking today for a bluetooth keyboard to replace the folio keyboard I bought with my ThinkPad tablet, and then I saw this post. If my karma is working, I would love to win this one!

I have been looking for a tablet keyboard but wasn't will to buy one without trying one first hand first.

I would like to have this thing which you are mentioning. It will go nicely with my galaxy tab. End comment.

Hey my two favorite things Logitech accessories and my favorite Android site Android Central. Cool! The Droid Bionic would be a nice consolation prize if I don't get the keyboard. You guys are the BESTS!

I just had to send my Galaxy Tab to Plano, TX for service on the Newton Ring I was having, going to get a new gorilla glass on it.....you know what would be cool? If I got a new bluetooth keyboard to go with it ;-)

A logitech keyboard would go great with the ASUS Transformer tablet I just picked up, rooted and put custom ROM on yesterday.

I wonder if this would work with Android 4.0 on a Galaxy Nexus... should do!

Ah... you're using Drupal (login form is give-away), awesome!

Omg i have been wanting these keyboard for a long time but, dont have money to buy it it would be a super awsome thing if i won it also because is three magic keen dayyy !!!!

I could use this since we use my xoom to watch movies and netflix on my TV and it is 6 feet away from my bed and getting up after each episode sucks!!!

Omg i have been wanting these keyboard for a long time but, dont have money to buy it it would be a super awsome thing if i won it also because is three magic keen dayyy !!!!

What better way to kick off the 1st week of 2012, than to win a BT keyboard for my GTab 10.1.

Happy New Year everyone!

Logitech makes great accessories. I tried to use a different BT keyboard and I wasn't happy with it. I would love to give this a shot. Just from the picture it looks a lot better than the off-brand keyboard that's collecting dust.

This is great! This keyboard looks sweet.I love logitech stuff but rarely buy it unless I have a discount of some sort cause its always expensive. Thanks androidcentral for this chance!

Being an Android phones fan, making my girlfriend and father in law switch from iPhone to Android (and now happy :P ) i would love to do the same with their iPads.. Give me the chance to do it :)

I would love to have this Logitech Bluebooth Keyboard. All the typing and surfing I do on my Tablet would be a breeze. I would Tweet daily on how easy and awesome it is now to be online chatting. My friends would envy me! Choose me please as the winner Android Central !

I just got a Toshiba thrive for Xmas and I would love to get that keyboard cause I just started working for an attorneys office and using the thrive as a mini laptop to carry around

I need a birthday present for my buddy and this would be perfect for him and save me some money at the same time.

My laptop just died so I'm using my Galaxy Tab exclusively now...also, I didn't get what I really wanted for Christmas either (or my birthday or Father's Day for that matter) and it's REALLY cold here on top of all that...this keyboard would suuuuuuure make my life just a little bit better ;) Thanks AC, you guys are the best