Nexus S in white

Welp, there's proof that a white-backed Samsung Nexus S is more than just a pretty render. The Next Web was sent this pic that reportedly is of a phone headed to Vodafone in the UK, and possibly the rest of Europe. Gotta say, we're digging the color and texture. Now if only it could fix that nasty reboot bug. [TNW]


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White Nexus S seen again, now rumored to hit Vodafone at some point


I swear if the final version of Gingerbread and or Cyanogen's Mod don't come out by the end of the month, Imma shit a brick. How long have we been waiting? I want to run the official/Cyan on my phone. Probably Cyan as upgrading is cake.

So not only does Google suck for not updating on your schedule, but now so does Cyanogen? (sigh)

I'd recommend going to the restroom, as you so eloquently phrased it...

you dont think he isn't working on it? I'm sure he's got plenty of stuff to finish, it would be released if it was ready, but its not. So calm down.

I've wondered that, too. Also, another android "fan" site is reporting the Nexus S is coming to Rogers / Bell in Canada. If that's true, than the same phone would work on AT&T. Maybe "white" for the ATT / Rogers frequencies and "black" for T-Mo? (Pure speculation of course.) The permutations are endless.

I have run ever version of the Cyanogen nightlies available for the Dinc so far. I Only had serious problems with one of those versions. Of course there were and are some bugs that need to be worked out before we see a stable release candidate, but #14 is running nice on my phone. Although I threw on the new MIUI for fun this am.