Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 is fresh in everyone's mind, and we're all a little excited about it. It keeps the same great, portable size from the first model, and beefs up the specs all around to deliver what we all think is going to be a killer device. Everyone here in the office wants one, and from what I'm hearing around the Internet plenty of you guys and gals do, too.

So we're going to give two of them away. If you're impatient, just click this link and enter.

For those who wanted to stay and read the rules:

  • You have to have used a legit email address to register for AC. If you didn't, we can't contact you and we'll have to find someone else who wants the tablet that should have been yours.
  • Only enter once. We can tell if you cheat, and cheaters are put on a list. You never want to be on that list.
  • If you have won a device (that'd be a phone, tablet or Google TV unit) from AC in the past 12 months, you can't win. Spread the love a little bit.
  • The contest is going to stay open until next Tuesday (July 30) at 11:59 PM Eastern time. I'll shut it down then, and randomly pick two winners.
  • Good luck, and #HOLOYOLO.

Enter to win one of two new Nexus 7 tablets


Reader comments

We're giving away two new Nexus 7 tablets, here's how to win one



Comment comment comment...I want a Nexus 7! Please. #holoyolo

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I'd love to switch from my outdated iPad 2 to this awesome new tablet, but, knowing my luck, this will just be a boring old comment that never gets read. Anyway #HOLOYOLO

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Student and father of three here. This would be my first tablet. Definitely looking to use this for textbooks, minecraft for my 8 yr old daughter and asphalt 8 for my 7 yr old son.

BTW- at the end of a busy day when time is short and I need to make sure I haven't missed any important android news, I skip g+ and twitter and go straight to AC and rest easy knowing I haven't missed a thing.......*end of gratuitous ass kissing*


I'd luv to win one of these, and give my current one to my sister!!!

btw... what does "holoyolo" mean???? I'm over 40... sorry...

I love the fact that google is bringing so much innovations to such cheap tablet. the price may be cheap but the spec and hardware is really good. I would love to win the new nexus 7 #holoyolo

I just really wanna try a device with android 4.3 csuse im still running on gingerbread with a galaxy ace device. If youll give me the nexus ill be able to skip 2 generations without getting older!

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I seriously can't afford anything right now. But in the Lord's will I hope I won this tablet.

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I thought I posted a comment but I don't see it... With my luck both will show up after I post this and I'll be disqualified lol...

This would be a sweet tablet to have. Been excited for this refresh since the rumors started.

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It would be so awesome to win the new nexus 7,it would be my first tablet, please pick me, thanx for this opportunity #holoyolo

I have wanted a tablet for some time now but couldn't afford one. Hope to win one here!

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I would love to win one, I wanted to buy an original one but too many bills.

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Hopefully i win this id really need this for school and hopefully root it for greater things

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My birthday was this month so this would be like a belated birthday gift to myself. Want the new nexus 7 :)

I've never won anything in my life, and I've wanted a Nexus 7 ever since the original came out. I hope I win this!!! *fingers crossed*

Me me me,
Seriously though o hesitated to buy one and now they're gone.

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I keep trying to enter this contest. I hope I finally got....I would love this tablet. I don't have one and have always wanted one. I hope I don't make that persona non gratia list.

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