The much acclaimed SwiftKey by Touchtype is coming to Android tablets, the company announced. It's sporting a completely overhauled interface specifically designed for use on tablets, and we must say it looks pretty darn cool. The keyboard is broken up into three sections, with letters on the left, numbers in the middle, and letters on the right. Touchtype says it's designed specifically for typing "with your thumbs". Hit the source link for the full presser, and a video preview of SwiftKey for tablets in action after the break! [SwiftKey]


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Touchtype launches SwiftKey for tablets


That's pretty cool! I'm fan of the "natural" split keyboard already, so this makes PERFECT sense! I think they may have gone a little overboard with the color scheme... matching the TRON honeycomb theme too much might get in the way of usability.

Color scheme is selectable. (skins they call them). I've been using the beta of this release for some time now.


This clearly demonstrates where Swiftkey really shines. Notice that some of those words were selected with ZERO letters typed, many with only a single letter. No other keyboard reduces your total keystrokes like Swiftkey.

OK, but how about some support for the version they released for everyone last September? It hasn’t seen any significant improvements or new features after everyone bought it. I feel like they just stopped caring and dropped all support as soon as they got our money.

I've been using the current beta for a short while now and you could have as well if you'd signed up. It has LOTS of new features and will be released when it's as stable as the current production version. They would rather have a rep. for stability and function vs just adding some OMFG! cool effects and features.

I'm sure the market version is still just as functionally awesome as was when they " got your money ". ;)

It seems like Swiftkwey has found a good solution to the problem of typing on a tablet. I used my sisters iPad and typing on it is akward because of the width. I have the same problem on my Nook Color in landscape mode. In portrait mode a 7 inch tablet isn't to bad to thumb type on. Swiftkeys approach is interesting and I can't wait to try it out.

The split keyboard looks like a great solution for the Nook, but I'd still like to see a provision for 10-finger touch typing. I have a Nook and an iPad. I don't have a problem with the width of the iPad, but the need to toggle keyboard layouts to access special characters (especially frequently used ones like apostrophes) keeps me at 65% of my full touch typing speed. If frequently used alternate characters were superscripted onto the main keyboard and accessed with a Fn or Alt key, I could have replaced my laptop for 90% of its use cases.

The advantage of Android is that, even if the stock keyboard or SwiftKey don't fit the bill, developers are free to create a replacement. There's no arbitrary "duplicate functionality" restriction.

SwiftKeY did nothing... They just brutally copied Thumb Keyboard that is available in the market for months now.
And now they are plying the cool company ...

Thumb Keyboard has this concept for months now in the market. SwiftKey just copied this and now they are playing the cool inventor...... Bah

Check out Thumb Keyboard in the market and you see what I'm talking about!

I've been using swiftkey for about 2 weeks in beta, and the difference is dramatic.

Thumb Keyboard is dramatically faster. I just got it, so I'm not use to the layout yet.