iPad 3 event

So everybody's got their panties all in a bunch over some new iPad or something that's being announced today. You heard it here first, folks: It'll be better than the last one. It'll be more magical than the last one. Magical-er.

Anyhoo. Our pals at iMore are rocking the all-day coverage, including a boatload of live commentary. And just like with the iPhone 4S event, there's a better than average chance that Phil will swing by to remind everybody that it's just an iPad, they should all go outside and enjoy the fresh air -- basically do his damndest to burst that Reality Distortion Field.

Just keep it glued to iMore.com.

Update! Our expert commentator weighs in:


Reader comments

There's some iPad or something being announced today ...


So Android tablet manufacturers have ceded the ultra-high DPI part of the tablet market to Apple for at least, what, 6 months? And that would be if by some bizarre stroke of luck some company announced a new high DPI tablet right this moment. Since, and this is hard to fathom I know, Apple makes their products available immediately as they announce them and not 8 months later!

Apple's helping bring the prices of the screens down at least.
But then Android tablets are still going to have to compete based on price and Apple will again have a giant market lead.

And sadly, I have to admit I'm tempted to get an iPad HD because of the screen and better ecosystem....I would have bought an Asus Transformer or Padphone w/ the HD screen if it were available when they announced it :-P

I don't know about it being magical, but it will be better than the last one and it will sell better than all current Android tablets.

Honestly, Android is barely on the radar in this market. And it has nothing to do with software or apps or hardware. It's simply because Apple came to market first with their product and had a huge marketing campaign behind it.

No Android tablet is marketed correctly. They mostly let carriers produce the ads for Android tabs and their simply ridiculous.Verizon being the main offender here.

Until someone creates the right marketing for Android OS as a whole and as a true alternative, Android tabs will continue playing second fiddle to the iPad.

Its also way too apparent that Android OEMs relied on their success in the handset market to succeed in the tab market.

Anyway, at the very least, this newest iPad will push Android OEMs to produce better hardware....

Owwwwwww....that's the sound of Android tablet makers getting their nuts kicked because they flubbed the high-res tablet release so badly: http://gizmodo.com/5891158/new-ipad-hd-the-third-generation

And this is the image that did it:

Totally.....kicked....in....the....jewels.... :-)

Really ticks me off because I wanted an HD Transformer or Padphone but now I'm going to have to re-evaluate....$500 for an HD iPad w/ better graphics speed...sigh. And I friggin' hate Objective C :-P