Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2, a sequel to the vastly popular original, sticks with the same format and proven gameplay but makes notable improvements across the game. If you somehow avoided playing the original game, it's a pretty simple concept to get ahold of. You're running away from some scary beasts down a complex level of twists and turns, and you are trying to collect as many coins and perks as you can along the way. Swipe up to jump, down to slide, across to turn and lean the device left or right to stay out of trouble.

Temple Run 2 has the same set of controls as the original, but the levels are spiced up a bit, breaking free of the original combination of straight runs and 90-degree turns. There are rope zip lines to use, and more sweeping turns and curves to navigate through. All of the extra flare helps keep the game interesting, which is important for something that can usually become quite repetitive. The settings menu has a bit of a visual overhaul as well, with easier to use buttons and a better character selector. The store is still here to buy coins (via in-app purchase,) but the game is still free to play and the purchases aren't completely necessary if you want to keep things cheap.

This game is a worthy successor to the original, building on what seems like a classic platform less than a year after its Android release. I've been playing quite a bit on both a phone and tablet with absolutely no hiccups or issues, even at max graphical settings. The animations, sounds and gameplay are all top-notch and set a standard for what every game should feel like when you play it.

Stick around after the break for a video walkthrough and some gameplay of the new version.


Reader comments

Temple Run 2 - a notable update to a fantastic game


I've done that on a lot of games, or hit the home button. I think it's because the on screen buttons don't go away. It's probably the only time I can think of where the onscreen buttons bother me.

Flash AOKP and you can hide the NAV BAR while you are playing and then enable the NAV BAR again when you are done.

I still like Pitfall better. Smoother animations, more varied environments... the IAP may be more annoying, but I haven't found them to be needed at all.

I hope leaderboards/friend lists are in the pipeline. I'm sure they can't implement something to compare iOS friends' scores, but at least something for the Android version? Gamecenter on iOS is far from ideal, but Android really needs a centralized game tracking service.

While Temple run is a good game, l wouldn't call it fantastic. It gets repetitive fast. PITFALL on the other hand is fantastic. I bet the author loves him some angry bird action as well. To each his own.