Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is mostly Android, has an awesome screen, access to Amazon Prime videos and an 8.9-inch Wifi version can be yours if the random number gods smile on you. I've got too many tablets and not enough time to love them all, so this one has to find a new home. 

If you've been following along you know the drill. If you're new, welcome aboard and here's how it works -- just leave a comment below. Sometime late tonight I'll shut the comments down, and pick a comment at random as the winner. We use the email address you have on file here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it.

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet


okay okay I will try one more time :) Oh who am I kidding I will continue to endeavor to persevere....

I don't have a tablet yet and this would be a nice one to start with

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I need this like a fat kid needs cake... and I'm a fat kid! So I need cake AND the Fire HD. Thanks!

It could be mine??? Yeah, right. And windows could be OS...

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Hi All, I could really use a tablet. Currently stuck with a desktop only. Big fan of Android and Amazon :)

Just gotta leave a comment?! No haiku?! No "couples" pictures?! No strings attached?! Don't know if I can do it! Whoops: I DID it!

I enjoyed the original Kindle Fire, loading CM on it actually made it a pretty usable device. Betting the same goes for the Fire HD.

If I keep entering contest eventually I will win one right?

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Woohoo! Never had a tablet. Fingers crossed. I'll gladly take this beauty off your hands.

emmm.... think i can develop an app with it, and probably use it to communicate with my kids, when i'm in office.

Oh yea, a kindle tablet/e-reader would be great. Especially with all the books i've been getting from there as of late.

mine mine mine mine mine mine mine (now i have those damn seagulls stuck in my head). Oh, and please!

Oh, this would be cool!!!
I've got my Touchpad for sale to help fund one of these, but getting a FREE one would RAWK!!!

Thank you for your consideration!


Need to get a new tablet as my Galaxy tab 10.1 has slowed down and aggravates me. This would be great if I won!!!!

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Great review! Would be great to watch Amazon prime videos! Please enter me in your giveaway!


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I'd love it if you picked me. This would be perfect for storing school books, etc., for the kids!

Man, it sure would be nice to win one of these, its not a Nexus but it'll do just fine.

I think the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch tablet would suit me just fine. Now I'll cross my fingers and hope for good luck!

OK, so here's the have a tablet that you are trying to get rid of, I am in the market for a tablet. So why don't you let me take that tablet off of your hands? The way I look at it is, it's a win-win for both of us. I know you'll do the right thing and send it to me. Here is my contact information:

Bob WeHadaBabyItsAboy
123 I Never Win Anything Drive
Fat Chance, FL 55555

Would love to get one of these. I think 8 to 9 inches is a great size for a tablet. Crossing my fingers.

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What a coincidence, I was just pricing & comparing Fire tablets last night. Sure would be nice to replace my old Kindle with something that has a little more spunk :)

Love to put one thru it's paces... Might be something my wife would latch onto instead of my note 10.1 ( lol)

It would be so nice to have a Kindle Fire. My daughter would love it so much. Thank you.

i would like to give this tablet to my sweet little sister as a gift on her birthday.
a perfect gift for her. isn't it?

I'm ready to give up on the hp tablet, please pick me for this Kindle Fire tablet, I thank you for the opportunity!


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I would love to win this. I have Amazon Prime but nothing portable to view my favorite Star Trek episodes on.

If I won this kindle I would use it to make the world a better place. and also to play a few games. (but mostly to help the world)

This would be awesome to give to my daughter as her first tablet and intro to android :)

I would use this to help my son learn to read! Having an endless supply of children's books at hand is a dream come true!

Sho would be nice to watch Amazon Prime vids on a tablet. Can't do it on my Transformer Prime for obvious reasons. Pick me, pick me!

Just what kind of a comment is this? Hopefully the winning kind :-)

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I'd love to win this since it's been a pretty random Monday for me already. Thanks for the contest!

Awesome chance to win a great product! Never owned a Kindle, but there's a first time for everything! Android Central is the best!

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I'd love a new tablet before I deploy again next near. My TouchPad is getting a little long in the tooth!

C'mon, pick me! I want to win something. And my home is now tabletless. Niece moved out with my N7.

Wow,Thanks Jerry & Android Central!! This would be an amazing reader for this summer reading!!
Good Luck All!

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