Nexus One with Twitter's Raige

And you don't have a Nexus One ... [via Twitter]


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She's got a Nexus One ...


B to the F to the D...
Wait, is that the creepy chic from the Pre Commercials? She looks like it. Now THAT would be news.

Someone want to explain to me how this phone is that much different for them Sprint Hero ?? Especially when the hero gets its 2.0 update . I see nothing about this phone to want to dump my hero for ??? Am I missing something ???

this is an unlocked gsm phone with snapdragon. bigger screen nicer resolution.

its supposed to be sold by google, and will not have sense ui...
so im going to wait for a version that has sense ui, cause sense is nice.

I can confirm that this phone (cdma version ) will be hitting verizon wireless after December 22ed , but before January 15th

Hitting Verizon before January 15 ?? Says who ?? but that means nothing to me anyway as I would NEVER EVER go back to being a Verizon customer again !!!!!!!!!