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After a short beta period, Shadowgun: DeadZone is now free for everybody to play. The slick graphics and fast-paced third-person shooting action aren't the only things to look forward to; Shadowgun: DeadZone also has a research system in place so players can work towards new and innovative implements of destruction. Perks add a needed level of customizability, equipment and varying classes offer plenty of personalization, and with 12-player matches with voice support, you'll never be lacking for targets.

It's free, though that also means you'll be prodded into making in-app purchases pretty regularly. For a game this slick, isn't it worth the nuisance, though? They are getting a little pushy and Battlefield 3-ish with a premium account up-sell. It looks like device compatibility is slightly limited... Were you able to install it successfully? How many of y'all played the beta? 

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ive been able to install it-HTC One X AT&T. well its still installing. but i will have it installed :P

BaMaDuDe87 says:

Played the beta on my Verizon GN. Fun game. Wanted to hook it up via MHL to the tv with a PS2 controller, but never got around to it. I'll definitely be downloading the full game as well.

PS2 controller? Do you mean PS3 controller? If not, how do you connect and use a PS2 controller?

Mobius360 says:

Played the demo on my Prime when I still had it. I think at the time it was Tegra 3 only, sounds like that has changed. Thought it was a very good quality game. Will see how it runs on my Xoom and Gnex.

Jesse Dawson says:

Its loads of fun :-) gfx on ultra really slows down bad on my nexus 7 stock clocks

mdmitchell13 says:

Anyone having any problem with graphics on galaxy s 3? Low medium high and ultra all cause major issues..

Fyahstarter says:

Having the same exact problem. Looks like something out of the matrix when I start playing. The same situation with yours?

Levi Stefan says:

I have the same issue with my s3. it was fine with the beta but now with the full version i blurry.

Mellowfish says:

I also need help with this issue. just downloaded it and its having this problem. Also dead trigger does the same thing