The invite gives it all away

Update: Samsung has now begun sending out "Note the date" invites for Samsung Unpacked, and it is indeed on September 3. Events will be taking place simultaneously in Berlin, New York and Beijing. And of course, we'll be there as part of our IFA 2014 coverage. It's all going down a little earlier than previous years, and the show kicks off at 3 p.m. local time in Berlin, and will be broadcast live on YouTube. It's sure to be a good one! Check out the invite for yourselves below.

Original story: In a not-at-all surprising development, Samsung Unpacked 2014 looks set to continue next month in Berlin, Germany. A press document sent out by Samsung Netherlands obtained by SamMobile confirms the Korean manufacturers complete plans for IFA 2014 and Unpacked is right there at the top. Right when and where we'd expect it to be on Wednesday, September 3 at the Tempodrom. And that means – most likely – the Galaxy Note 4.

OK, so naturally it doesn't say what the event will be for, and we'll probably get some hints when the actual invites hit our inbox. But considering the previous three generations of the Galaxy Note phones have all been unveiled at IFA, we're confident enough to say that it's where we'll see the fourth.

There have naturally been a ton of rumors about the Galaxy Note 4 and what it may or may not include. If you're interested, be sure to swing by our spiffy new Galaxy Note 4 page while we all start to get just a little bit excited for Berlin.

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Samsung Unpacked confirmed for September 3 in Berlin, Galaxy Note 4 inbound [updated]


It's pretty Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are the GOLD standard of technology today.
Samsung owns this category made prominent these last four years everyone else are pretenders trying to become relevant.
Day one purchase for me to add to buy my Note 4 to add to my already growing collection Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 3.
From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I agree with richardyarrell1... My Note 3 is still going strong... But I must upgrade every year or I'll explode.

Last time i checked, motorola was still in "others" category for worldwide sales... haha

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Yeah, sure it will. Just like the past Motorola crap has destroyed the Note line. Motorola is something I give my 3 month old son. Even he looks at like what that crap daddy?

No, there is a comment about needing a phone to develop on. Find me one quote that says there is a Nexus phone.

Not a generic quote that says the Nexus line will continue, a quote that says there is a new Nexus in the making

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"People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make."

there's your quote. sure it doesn't say there is a new Nexus in the making, but then again no manufacturer says there's a new version of their flagship in the making. like try to find me a quote that there is a new note 4 in the making

True there is no proof that it is dead or alive. We will see but I cannot see Silver and Nexus co-existing. It puts Google in direct competition with its lifeblood, the OEMs

I cant quote but shamu is real and is a moto. Is it the next nexus? Some say yes. Even if it's not the next nexus shamu is real as the note 4. Actually there is more proof of shamu than that of a note 4 if you want to get technical....


I am sure that shamu is real. It makes sense that moto would break into the large phone category.

It doesnt mean that it is a Nexus or that there will be a Nexus

In addition, the Nexus line does not have to necessarily be dead, the tablets are great (I have a N7), the phone hopefully are dead.

i am not going to rehash the argument, but the phones are not great and Google really dropped the ball with setting industry standards.

A few reasons, the cameras suck, the battery life is bad, it is a beta tester phone, the storage options on some of them were crap.

I respectfully disagree. I used Nexus phones from the galaxy Nexus. I owned only the Nexus 4 and currently the nexus 5. although the battery life and cameras of the gnex and n4 sucked hard, the nexus 5 is actually a huge upgrade in camera quality. some pictures that I take actually turn out better than my DSLR (canon t5i) for colour reproduction.

the battery life isn't spectacular, but its not bad either. running 4.4.4 I got 4 hours screen on, and now running the L preview I consistently get 4.5+ hours screen on time. yes there are phones that do better, but this lasts me a whole day at least so its not all that bad.

also with it running stock android with no bloat, I've never experienced lag or stutters like I have with pretty much every other flagship that I used for maybe 10 minutes in stores (m8, s5, z2, note 3). even the n4 still performs extremely smoothly with its 2 year old hardware.

storage though, yes, could be better. but the 32gb n5 is a good step up from the 16gb max you could get on the n4. I personally use a lot of cloud storage so I only used about 19 GB of storage on my phone and only required more storage a few times, but having a 64gb model should satisfy most users.

all in all though the nexus 5 feels more like an every day phone for regular consumers and not power users and tech geeks. I have quite a few friends and family members that have nexus 5s and none of them have had problems except one which had the mm qcamera bug, which was fixed with 4.4.3. the nexus 5 is a powerful and smooth performing phone at a great price, and with android L should be even better with the improved battery life and performance increase. so hopefully if there is a next nexus, it along with the redesigned android L, should really feel and perform like a true quality phone

We are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. The Nexus 5 is the best of the bunch, but it still pales in comparison to any other phone released last year.

One side note, it was not even that the N4 had such crappy storage options, it is the low end of those options that did the most damage. 8GB? Way to stunt progress there.

could you elaborate on why it pales in comparison to any other phone? because no other phone that I used, other than the m8, performs as smoothly and lag free as the Nexus 5.

but yeah I agree on that, you only got 5.7 I think GB of usable space from that, barely enough for maybe 2 nandroid backups at most lol

They moto X did more with less. The G2 is lag free. The S4 had issues to start with, but soon got better and then updated with the S5 which is terrific. I cannot say much about Sony because I do not get to play with them at work since they do not really sell in the US.

One of the biggest thing is that just now the Nexus program is starting to give the consumer an actual experience instead of a do it yourself OS/phone experience. It is lacking in that area which send it to the back of the line by itself

the g2 wasn't all that lag free with me. it stuttered a couple times opening up an app or going to the home screen.

moto x was really good but opening apps felt a lot slower than n5.

Samsung has way too much bloat, beyond acceptable lol but otherwise the screen, camera, and battery life of the s5 are excellent.

the z2 though is pretty nice but I'm not a really big fan of the skin, otherwise its a great phone.

but look at the price of all those phones, they are all 650+ dollars and the nexus 5 is 400. the performance you get from that price is unmatched by any other flagship except opo, if you can get one lol

First, Oppo is a

I never had an issue with the G2 but I only really get to play with phones for about a month at a time.

See you call things bloat and I know them as features. Do the all work as advertised? Nope (looking at you Smart Stay/whatever) but the others are very useful and emphasizes my point. I have things on there that I may never need, but if I do it is there. Case in point is the write up on the S5 (or was it the G3) emergency features the other day. A Nexus doesnt do it out of the box, and it is not something that would be a high priority on anyone's list to download.

You get what you pay for sometimes. Just because it is cheap does not make it any better (or worse depending).

And really, bloat and lag are BS anymore. Back in the day (Original Galaxy) waiting seconds for something was totally unacceptable. Now even with the lagggiest phone in the last 2-3 years, the S4, the extra .00002 seconds is almost unnoticeable. But the crap camera and battery life certainly are.

sure some of them are useful features, but a bunch are gimmicky bloat that slow down the phone. just the fact that there are so many features scare away consumers. my dad for example, he got a note 3 and returned it not even a month later. why? he said that there are too many settings and features, and that "why couldn't the settings be quick and simple like my tablet (which is a nexus 7) or the iphone?". he is not new to android either, he has had both nexus 7s when they launched, and knows his way around the OS also, so it wasn't a case of him being new to android that he didn't like the note 3. keeping things simple and intuitive so that all the consumers know exactly what's going on is key IMO, that's why the iPhone sells so well, because anyone can pick one up and use it right away. nexus phones are getting to that point too, but its manufacturer skins and bloat that's making it difficult for some people. its not necessarily a matter of the bloat slowing it down, its just that it isn't simple or intuitive anymore

Am willing to wait have a look see at the nexus reported phablet but if that's all it ends up being (a big screen phone ) then it will be note4.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

My expectations are not high for this one, but we should see a YOUM display and other improvements.

I'm expecting another incremental but more significant upgrade.

If Samsung can pull a surprise, then color me super-impressed.

What would it take to surprise you? I would say that YOUM is much more than an incremental update, in form and function

I currently do not know any practical uses of YOUM ATM, so I'll treat it as a novelty until they show us how it makes practical sense.

Maybe an even more refined TW and better S Pen features, and possibly a refreshed design, but these are unlikely, apart from the S Pen.

Having used a Note 3, Samsung needs to make sure that the Note 4 doesn't flop. Not saying it will, but with the Note 3 already being such an awesome device, the Note 4 has a lot to live up to.

YOUM is a cool tech, no doubt, but I can't see how it makes practical use.

Then again, maybe it might have damage resistance or other practical uses like making your phone 'bigger'.

iDK, but I wanna see how they adopt it.

Is active display a practical use? this is about the same.

I am not arguing with you BTW, just trying to understand how this kind of display can get relegated to gimmick this soon.

LMAO, I'm not calling it a pure gimmick, just a bit of a novelty (kinda similar) for the time being.

It's pretty cool, though, and I hope there are good practical uses for this display.

Active Display looks like it could work, if only they could break the habit of people picking up the phone and turning on the display to check their notifications.

I skipped the note 3 because it wasn't a big enough jump from my note 2. So I'll definitely be getting the note 4!

IMO, if they made the regular flagship with a three sided screen (YOUM), they run a very high risk of losing a lot of existing Note owners/fans. Can't see them doing that. Instead I'd expect them to put out a variant (with the YOUM display), along with the regular flagship, to test the waters and then depending on the response may be look to implement YOUM on the flagship Note 5 next year.

Personally, I'd be happy with an upgraded Note 3 type device; ex. 5.9" screen with reduced bezels to keep the size down, updated S-Pen features, more premium feel and a refined/trimmed down Touch Wiz. That would be a definite upgrade to replace my Note 2! :)

GPE Note 4 and I'm in. I can't do bloatwiz anymore (20 months on a note 2). If not I'm going moto, nexus or G3.

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Exactly. I think that's the reason there's still no GPe GS5, because of the fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor. If Google adds native pen support to Android, it would be a different matter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Google Play Edition

+ Stock Android (No TouchWiz)

- No S Pen features.

Yeah, I'll take the S Pen over stock Android.

My next phone I think. If it improves on the series as much as the Note 3 over the Note 2 did, then it will be worth spending a few hundred quid on.

"Slated" to us Brits means something quite different, I first read the headline as Samsung being heavily criticised for the Unpacked event on September 3rd......

Separated by a common language........... and a bloody great ocean.

Not going to happen... Why would you even want that? Once you stock android it's same as any other GPE phone. So buy the M8 or any other GPE which is better than S5 any day.

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I already own an S5, would be easier/cheaper to just install a GPE ROM when its available compared to selling this and buying another phone. Also, I prefer the screen and camera on the GS5.

Unrelated comment, sorry in advance - No matter what Samsung release the UX will always be cr*p!, I sold my S5 for a nexus 5 and I've never been happier.

My digital SLR camera is sitting at the bottom of my closet collecting dust. The camera on my S4 takes pretty good pictures at 13MP. I'd love to see the new Note 4 camera capabilities with 16MP and optical stabilization. Samsung has an opportunity to capture camera freaks with the stylus pen, high end optic and a quality (Photo Shop type) application package. I'm a Note 8 tablet fan too. Just thinking about my S4 and Note 8 combined into has me thinking about a spending for a new setup..... Do it Samsung, just do it!

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You probably don't really know how to use a DSLR if you think S4's picture is anywhere on par with your DSLR.. lol

I had the OG Note but skipped the Note 2. Now that I have the Note 3, I am wondering whether it will be worth the upgrade to get the Note 4.

First World problems, I know...

I've been on the Nexus train for my last two phones. However, I've always been curious about the Notes, especially since as phones have gotten bigger, my tablet gets less use. I think, since I'm due for an upgrade on my unlimited contract renew, I may try the note 4. If I don't like it, I'm thinking I can always sell it for the next nexus...

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I just bought the Note 3 a few months ago and absolutely love it. I will definitely be purchasing the Note 4 the day it releases.

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Considering the laggy mess that was the Note 3, I don't have very high expectations. I am interested in something new though so I'm excited for the event.

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I get your point, but yes you would want to be a Sammy exec or must not like money. Besides the ridiculous size of the Notes, which I guess is becoming less ridiculous in a sense, I never found myself using the stylus very much. Guess that's why I never kept them very long. Can't deal with Touchwiz very long sans the stylus love.

I'm not an easy adoptor and will upgrading from the Note 2 but I hope it ships with L instead of being updated on a future date.

From my Note 2 to you

I'm looking forward to going back to a large phone. Just not sure that I can take the touch wiz experience. I would prefer a fully supported Google Play device. Experia Z Ultra was tempting but I know the camera would not satisfy. I would love a note play edition, but don't see that as likely.

I would like a Note GPE too, but Samsung is not going for that. The only other option is this new Nexus phone, assuming it exists

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We could also be seeing Samsung VR at this event. The Note 3 screen was used in the latest oculus rift dev kit and the rumour is the note 4 screen could be used for the consumer product.

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The Nexus 5 is a solid performer. Android L is going to shine bring much needed improvements.
Shamu come to papa

But the Note 4 is going to be the phone to beat this year!!

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Anybody notice on the invite that there are only 4 features in the pop up? One being a cloud? Different from the 5 that are currently in use.

I don't believe that is a icon for Cloud of any kind. On the note 3 that icon is used to indicate the "Selection Mode"

Hmm..are Samsung still doing that ..we will tell where and when you can use your Sim free phone thing ..?
I've totally gone off Samsung phones ..s4 was crap...note 3 was buggy and the battery life was

pants ...wouldn't last me the day ..
Jumped ship to the HTC max was a great phone ,awesome battery life ..really smooth too and the camera was no where near as bad as people made out ..
I recently bought a HTC one m8..couldn't be happier..its rocket ship quick..battery life is awesome
(6am-10pm on a single charge) and I much prefer the HTC skin so much better than touch wiz..
The camera is pretty good too just need to alter the settings a bit to get a great shot ..
So I guess you can count me out ..from the note 4...nothing about it excites me at all ...

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can we talk like adults for a second? i swear to christ if the note 4 doesnt have a good wi fi aentenna im gonna...who am i kidding im gonna do anything. why samsung why?