Samsung Exynos processor

Details revealed at analyst event point to 2014 phones with 64-bit CPUs and 5.25-inch 1440p displays

In its first analyst event of the smartphone era, Samsung revealed a few juicy details about the technology behind its future smartphone plans. In slides released in conjunction with the event, the electronics giant confirmed plans to develop its own CPU core technology, as opposed to licensing designs from ARM as it does now. The slide on Samsung's 64-bit CPU plans shows a two-step approach, first developing 64-bit cores based on ARM designs, then moving to its own bespoke designs, similar to the way Qualcomm operates. The plans could be seen as a way for Samsung's phones to become even more vertically-integrated. Some current Samsung phones use Exynos SoCs manufactured in-house, but these use Cortex A15 and A7 designs licensed from ARM.

Samsung also showed where its mobile displays will be heading in 2014, with slides revealing plans for 560ppi AMOLED panels with an RGB subpixel arrangement — a considerable step up from the 440ppi SuperAMOLED used in the Galaxy S4, which features a diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement. Resolution-wise, an additional slide shows Samsung is targeting 1440p (2560x1440) resolution smartphone displays in 2014. A little basic math tells us 1440p with a density of 560ppi points to a screen size of around 5.25 inches. But that's nothing compared to the projection for 2015, which has phone displays reaching the dizzy heights of 2160p (3840x2160 or 4K) the year after next.

On the nascent area of flexible smartphone displays, Samsung boasts that it owns one third of all patents related to the technology. Recently we've seen the Galaxy Round from Samsung and the G Flex from LG kicking off the age of curvy-screened smartphones, and more look certain to follow in the next year.

So it's no surprise to learn that next year's phones will outclass this year's in terms of raw hardware, but it's interesting to get an early hint of the specific numbers involved. The question, however, remains: Do you really need 560ppi on a device you're holding with one hand?

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Samsung plans own CPU core tech, 560ppi displays for future phones


Someone help me understand . . If what we were told is true about the "retina" display, that the human eye can only detect a certain amount of ppi, what are we gaining by continuing to push far beyond that? I'm not against innovation or advancement, just wondering what its value/up-side would be especially since it will no doubt affect battery life.

What are we gaining? Marketing jargon and OMG SPECS!!!!

Nothing, really. The last phone I was able to pick out an individual pixel (barring a single pixel being 'broken') on was my Palm Pre.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

Pretty much. After receiving my Nexus 4 and marveling at how crisp and sharp the screen was, I went back to my old Incredible 2 to compare and was surprised at how little actual difference there was. There *is* a difference, don't get me wrong, but it's not night and day. You really have to strain to see individual pixels, and even then, they're only discernible in some circumstances.

I've really lost respect for Samsung lately - they seem to be out of ideas and just grasping at straws like this (and curved displays, foldable displays, etc) to compel people to upgrade.

At some point (and we're at that point) there is no improvement and in fact, it only detracts from the overall device. Higher resolution displays means app developers will have to use higher resolution assets in their UI, which means larger apps, more memory usage, more CPU/GPU usage, etc. And all for an "improvement" that's humanly imperceptible. I think manufacturers, and especially Samsung since they've been on such a tear lately, are desperate to avoid the commoditization of the market where the only competition is on price.

out of ideas? so what great ideas are you talking about or can you site one in recent months? the curved/flexible display seems a very good path to lead.

Flexible displays are good. Samsung does NOT have a flexible display. it's curved glass, still very breakable.

It's a curved AMOLED Display beneath curved glass. Yes breakable....but a step in the right direction.

The display isn't glass. U people should know the difference between a display and the glass protector before u make such comments. The display is plastic, very bendable and uncrackable (if that's a word)

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Yea, out of ideas. Tell me how a curved display on a phone (like the Galaxy Round, or whatever it's called) improves the device. Tell me a single benefit to a display that can be folded. Are you *really* going to fold up your phone before putting it in your pocket? Will a foldable screen truly not degrade over the span of 2-4 years, being folded and unfolded dozens of times each day?

If they're not out of ideas, they're just throwing random crap at the wall to see what sticks.

Yeah I'd definitely fold my phone. It could finally go in the same pocket as my wallet aka butterfly paperclip. Maybe even keys.

It would be good to fold my tablet and pocket it without showing any humps

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I notice a big difference between the Nexus 4 and 2012 Nexus 7 compared to Nexus 5 and 2013 Nexus 7. Going to 1080p is legit. I think Retina is all garbage. Anyone can see the difference with the phones jumping from 720 to 1080 imo. Until the screens look life like they should continue to push. And even then why not? There will be some use for that kind of technology somewhere, push the envelope as far as you can imo.

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The thing is that every step offers less and less discernible improvement and more tradeoffs in terms of memory footprint and CPU/GPU needs. WVGA to 720? Sure, it's a noticeable improvement. 720 to 1080? On the same size display, the difference will be even more subtle, while the memory requirements won't.

As far as just pushing the envelope as far as it can go, again, what's the advantage to negate the disadvantages. Any higher than 1080 in a 4.5-5.5 inch screen is humanly imperceptible.

You're falling into the trap of buying into a technology not because it makes a product better, but because it gives the manufacturer of said device a reason to convince you purchase. Faster processors, assuming there's a software need to drive them, more memory, more sensors, fine, those things can all lead to new or increased capabilities. Higher resolution screens beyond what the human eye can discern is pointless.

Higher resolution forces software to be more efficient and for battery power to become more of a priority.

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Higher resolution forces software to be more efficient and for battery power to become more of a priority.

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I agree, movies letterboxing, means you only see them in 720p, even on a 1080p screen. OK some people can't tell the difference, but just because their too proud to wear reading glasses like me, am I to be denied Blue Ray quality movies in my hand. If we can make 5" double FHD smartphones, then same time next year, we can make 7" UD 4k. If people want to watch pong or space invaders in low pixel land, I'm not stopping them, or reading, or listening to radio. I want UD gaming from my 14nm, 64 bit, GRAM, mobile devices, if it doesn't wow, it won't sell. Just like we all stuck with video tape, standard definition DVDs, Morse code etc., not those unnecessary Blue Rays. By the by, people in the emerging markets, generally have very good vision, as they're younger, for one more generation.

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"I've really lost respect for Samsung lately - they seem to be out of ideas and just grasping at straws" So, can you name one single OEM that's half as innovative as Samsung?

What is Samsung doing that's innovative from a hardware standpoint?
You know what IS innovative? Motorola's modular phone system.

Innovation is when u have actually made the thing dude. Or the meaning of innovation changed?

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APPLE comes to mind.

But I will say that they are only 25% as innovative. I mean, the 5(same) and 5(cheap) are rehashes of everything they've ever done. Fingerprint scanner??---Whatever.

Well, IMHO most of this is just marketing crap... No-one really needs a 4k display on a smartphone, the current ones are already crisp enough. They should rather focus on better battery life and making display more legible in sunlight than making 500ppi displays.

Oh... And they should stop producing laggy flagship phones like the s4...

But... what about the specs wars? :O Samsung wont be able to put a new number on a spec sheet which we all know means it's better than last year!? lol

Specs wars are good for us. They aren't everything but competition promotes progress. Why is this a bad thing?

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Why is it a bad thing? Because Samsun is spending money to make changes that are not discernible from a user persepective. This won't improve the device user experience but the cost of this development will be passed on to consumers.

Really? It's those undiscernible advances that spur more innovation that can and will be relevant at some point to the user. Advances, no matter the size or scope, inherently become improved upon.

I don't think you've ever used a Note 3 in direct sunlight, but it's a much better improvement over the S4. That just shows in itself that they are still focusing on these things. Also, the Note 3 never lagged on me once.

From 2 feet away.... I do have my phone closer than that quite often, but the moto x display doesn't even bother me.

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I was just looking at my nexus 5, and holding it about 3 inches away from my face, I cannot see a pixel.

At the point Samsung is taking it to, they could very well just tell people it's "4096p", and nobody aside from the hardware engineers would be able to tell them any different!

Not being able to see pixels is just the beginning. Think beyond that. Not being able to see a pixel shouldn't even be a highlight at this point anymore.

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The equation you need is this "1 inch/(n at 1 arcminute)" where n is a measure of distance. For example, "1 inch/(3 feet at 1 arcminute)" is roughly 100 ppi... so with 20/20 vision you benefit from a screen with a resolution that is at least that good. That is why desktop monitors are made for 100ppi, though in reality most people sit closer when working on a computer, more like 18 inches or 2 feet. At the time, it seemed generous.

1 inch/(7 inches at 1 arcminute) is ~500ppi, so you need a screen that has at least about 500ppi for uses that put it <7" from your face. That might seem awfully close, but when you bring the screen up close because you want to quickly get a good look at some detail, you move it from a more usually distance of about 1 foot or at most 18 inches, in closer. So for even those moments when you want to get a good look at some detail on the screen, those moments when you are bringing the screen in closer, it is still never pixelated. That is the reason, I guess.

They are making those improvements though. You have to go with the way the wind blows. Some things are easier to advance some harder. You think they are purposefully holding back on progressive technologies? That would be insane. Samsung is pushing the limit in every way they can. This is the best they can do for some areas and everyone else is stuck. Progress is coming though. So take the fast progressing technologies and enjoy them. Don't be so pessimistic.

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When my LG Optimus G (E970 - AT&T) is about 8 inches from my face, I can see individual pixels. As I move it further away, it's very hard to see any. This is also at 100% brightness. If the pixel density was a little bit higher, I could see a slight improvement, but it would only have to be a small bump up, not 1440p or 4K!

I imagine that a 4K display would be amazingly crisp and readable at a distance.

Just because your eye can't see each individual pixel at that density does NOT mean that each one doesn't make an effect, colour tone, sharpness, overall detail is definitely improved between a 720p (more than Retina) and a 1020 (more than double retina) display, you couldnt see rough edges in the lower but that doesn't mean that the quality couldn't be improved with more pixels. Pixels are NOT everything and I don't think 560 PPI is needed, but I didn't think HD was needed and now I can't go back to SD, and I really don't see the need for 4k but that doesn't mean I won't be wowed, I just don't expect to.
The ear can only hear the frequencies that exist within the cut-off point of a CD, Vinyl has wider inaudible frequencies, yet people say that they hear a better sound from vinyl, clearly other factors affect the overall quality other than the obvious "visible pixel" thing.

Of course, as people have said, at this point it is mainly for marketing and having the highest numbers, but it could possibly be of value. We will see.

Danny Doj, not sure if I spelt your name right, retina, or is that resolution, display is higher than 1080p. You are right though, just because you can't see pixels, doesn't mean there's no improvement. Love the improvement in my Nexus 7 FHD, people say you need a magnifying glass, to see the difference, I call mine reading glasses. With reading glasses, I reckon I see in 3D UD at close range, just like when I take them off, I see 3D UD in the distance. I love the big UD screens I've seen.

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Progression something the common Samsung haters has no ability to comprehend nothing new.

As we move forward rather people want to except or direct their personal progress moving forward will happen.

Samsung leads everyone else follows and in android land that's Something Samsung has been doing since 2011.

From a market share standpoint as well as just pure dominance of a entire platform nobody is better than Samsung.

The future is definitely much brighter than the rest of the manufacturers.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

"has no ability to comprehend nothing new." 1) Good job at using a double negative. What you just said right there means exactly the opposite of what you wanted it to mean. Idiot. 2) Such as your inability to concede that any product other than Samsung's is "pimp slapping", "bitch slapping", "boss", "rules all", etc, even products that are only rumored. You've claimed many times how you "wouldn't touch [insert device] with a ten foot pole". Talk about "no ability to comprehend nothing new".

"From a market share standpoint as well as just pure dominance of a entire platform nobody is better than Samsung." And you of all people should know that market share can change pretty quickly, former HTC evangelist. It was only 2 years ago that you were saying how you'd never touch any of "Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices" and how "boss" HTC was and would always be. What a joke.

Never seen it. How ugly is it?

Too bad you cannot put a launcher and a theme on it and make it go away.

Oh wait, you can. Get a new song, that record is broken

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you can install a launcher but font cant be removed unless u r rooted.

if rooting and installing font is the way to go, u could argue that u can install custom rom on it.

but thats not the point. ugly font is ugly.

I don't know what you are complaining about. There is an option to put font on the s4 from the play store and everything. It says "get fonts online" and takes you to a list on the play store.

"... but font can't be removed unless rooted..."

Ignorance should be a criminal offence. If you own a Samsung phone, go to settings > Device > fonts in order to change the font and its size.
I'm using the Roboto condensed font on my Note 3.

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Like I said, his song and dance is old. I explained all this to him before

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This is pointless technology for phones. Put the money in optimizing software and extending battery life. With current battery tech how long will it run powering a1440p display or greater?

Higher screen resolution makes efficient OS and battery power that much bigger of a deal. Don't you see how one hand washes another?

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Wow, you're really doing the Samsung apologist act huh?
How does making a screen that will take more power for non-visible resolution improvements make for a more efficient OS and battery power?

I agree with you cause I'm asking the same questions....but we aren't R&D engineers now are we. Especially tech engineers for Samsung. So before you down play someone else's possible insight about something that is purely speculative, I suggest you put your app in at

I'm NOT a Samsung lover in any way shape or form. Yes I own an S4 and a Note 2 and 3. Along with a Moto X and an hTc One if you're inclined to want to know. I find the ONE to be better than the S4 in most ways...but that's my opinion.

Brend I am not replying to you, but the app screwed me.

I skipped both the One and the s4. Neither offered 'enough' for me to come off the s3.

I would have gone with the One without a doubt though...

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I had a Galaxy S3 at 720p and thought it was unbelievable. I just got the Nexus 5 at 1080p and 400+ppi and it looks equally impressive. I can't say that 1080p over 720p is really much of a difference though even with the different pixel arrangement of the Amoled vs the IPS displays. Yes the colors of course are quite noticeable but the actual pixels are so tiny even on the 720p display that I cannot imagine the point for anything the size of a phone going beyond that. Maybe on a larger tablet for movies or something but even then netflix and probably everyone else crops and streams pretty low quality stuff that wouldn't take advantage of the resolution.

They should just stop at 1080p and let the newer processors continue getting better so that the phones really smooth out at those resolutions. Like others have said work on better battery life, better blacks and color tones, better cameras. Leave the resolution increase for devices that can benefit from it.

On my Galaxy S3 I definitely see room for improvement. From a decent distance the screen is fine, but holding it up close (especially at night in a dark room) reveals jagged lines. The worst offender is anything thin and red on a black background. Holding it next to an S4 I can definitely see a difference.

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Scientists have figured out a way to make new batteries using graphene u should check it out. Charges faster and lasts exponentially longer.

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They did invest in battery technology recently. From my experience Galaxy phones don't have bad battery life, not to say it couldn't be better.

Can't wait to hear how 440ppi is "last year's tech" and have people swear up and down that they can see the difference.

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Even the AC staff does that. I remember when they were saying 720 was the bomb and now they seem to struggle to go back to it after using 1080.

I don't feel we've hit the upper limit of resolution. 4k 8k maybe. You should be able to see a difference between 300-400-500 PPI. Maybe you took the Retina Display propaganda too far?

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Yes, actually, we have. Unless you're taking a magnifying glass to these screens, you're not going to see a difference. I think you're taking the Samsung propaganda too far.

I think you're hating on Samsung to much in an article about Samsung. I just haven't figured out who you're propagandizing for...but we get it isn't Samsung.

And yeah, I can see a BIG difference between 720 and 1080. And at 1440, the detail will be amazing. Get over it already.

Looool haters gonna hate!! If HTC would have done this everyone would be like, "omggg way to go HTC you guys are soo cutee!! With all your losses and horrible campaigns you guys still deliver the bestt!!" Lol keep hating.

HTC is just as bad if not worse than Samsung. They both insist on cancerous overlays on top of Android and awkward button placements just for the sake of being different.

HTC has done well lately... My HTC one has never lagged and I've had it for 6 months.. Compared to a Samsung touch wiz which lags maybe few weeks in.

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Because the sgs4 had issues, that have been corrected, when it first came out.

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That day is done. I would take the Fascinate (minus the reception), s2&3, over anything in its time.

The 4 had issues, it's over and people should be over it too

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400ppi plus is more than enough. Instead of trying to reach for a million ppi let's concentrate on battery technology and screen efficiency.. Get amoled as efficient as e ink display and you will have a winner in your hands.. The 1st company that can boast a phone that lasts 3-4 days of normal usage will get a lot of customers.. What's the point of aiming for a million ppi etc when the max battery we can get is a day usage and maybe a day and a half..this is now getting to the point of just to say we can.

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300PPI is the sweet spot.
-Keep cost down. We don't need to spend extra money on 500PPI...
-Better performance. We don't need a GPU to push extra unnecessary pixels... Unless it really has to when it pushes out to a monitor...

Come on Samsung, focus that extra money you're trying to milk us on cool design ideas and even better CPU+GPUs. Or RND in making touchwiz better. FOCUS OUR MONEY elsewhere.

300 or 500 ppi won't make a difference. Phones with both displays will cost the same for subsidy at launch....

I have one, it is in the Note 3 and coming soon to a SGS near you

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You all are so right.

Samsung does not have the money to be spending on new screen tech and it would be better spent on other things.

Oh wait, they do

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You just used that same literary tactic on 'still' a few posts ago . . Learn something new today and couldn't wait to try it out?

Just my mood, but hey you should try to learn something new everyday. Like how to post an at least potentially helpful comment

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My initial? Sure it was point out to those above that Samsung has the money to develop everything everyone is asking for, and they are

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I'm sure some people would love to see 4K screens on their phones.
Most of us would rather they work on getting the phones to be more power efficient instead.

Wat R U Doin

I used to like Samsung, now they're just going crazy. It seems like that they don't care that they're going in the wrong direction, as long as they're making progress to out-spec the others.

My HTC one has 468 ppi it was a big step up from my iphone 5 which only had 326 ppi. Bring on the 4k displays!

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All you guys saying you all bought the phone.. Spec wars worked on you didn't they? Why wouldn't they keep working.

I'd rather then work on cameras, battery life and content as well. Seriously the video quality available on video calls is bananas for my wife and I both having note 3s. I'd rather look at an avatar than the pixelated mess they give me.

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You dont have a battery that lasts all day in your note 3 I have the same phone. It lasts all day with regular use but if you go on vacation and you navigate and take pictures and call family to schedule get togethers you'd be surprised.

I'd rather a phone with the battery being an after thought then a display that you need a microscope to tell apart from everyone else's.

Im not a retina display hater I love it for reading but there comes a time where innovations are needed in other areas

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I am on my Note 3 all day from 6am to 10 PM. Be it music, reading, posting work, pictures.

Yeah I make it through the day. Even on vacation you need to charge sometime.

The battery is about as large as the Maxx which everyone swears makes it through 2 days. Are you going to tell me a phone with a better SoC cannot make it 16 hours?

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Meanwhile in the rest of the world where most folks think the Note 3 is too large...

Increased resolution means frack all at this point. It is nothing but marketing jargon. More money and research invested in improved battery tech on the other hand means that even those devices that currently last all day on moderate use would last even longer. We are nowhere close to the point where battery life is so good that there is no functional benefit to improving it. We ARE at that point with screen resolution.

I agree, we are there with screens but today's useless Innovations could lead to something better down the road.

It isn't so much the product you have right now, but how you can make the next generation better. Obviously methods for screen tech are moving forward and that can only be a good thing.

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Battery life is still the most important thing in smartphone but a bigger battery means a thicker/bigger phone size. Always remember that ergonomics comes first before battery life.

Not really. I think phone size has gone thinner, they are just coming up with better batteries.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, the Note 3 is thinner than the previous with more juice...

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I used to think the Note line of phones were too large. And then I used one. I will never go back to those teeny, tiny little screens.

I use a Nexus 7. For most people though, those "teeny, tiny little screens" are a much better fit for them. Especially for women who get screwed when it comes to pockets on their pants.

I really do not see the point going past 1080p on a phone, as many other people have said while the "better screen" is great I would much rather see them improve batter efficiency so my phone can last 2 days...or at worst 24 hours under heavy use (gaming, video, etc). Continue with more impressive processors and better batteries (like LG did with the G2)

The problem is so many people like those buzz words and fancy new features.

Exactly. Meanwhile there is like no content that even pushes the snapdragon 800 really. Anything the SGS 3 would run my note will run etc

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If they just made the 1080p screen they have now a RGB for it's next years phones, i'd be happy with that.

Man, enough is enough already! I love innovation, but I do not want a super thin phone with a resolution that burns my eyes. This spec war is a double-edged sword. Yes we get better specs but not always at better quality.

Instead of making phones thinner each year, put a larger battery in it and add more storage. I would be ok with a phone as thick as an S2 with all day battery life, 128 GB storage, and 4 gigs of ram (practically a mini laptop). OH, and 1080p is fine, thanks.

This is the way smartphone OEMs should be heading. Larger capacity + more efficient batteries (24 hours HEAVY use as the standard), 64GB/128GB storage, 4GB RAM, optimized software without tons of bloat, turning smartphones truly into mini PC's. The CPU's out now can more than handle anything that is thrown at them. Let's give app developers a break and leave 1080p as the standard for a couple years until 4k TV's become more mainstream, then jump smartphone displays to 4k to match them. In my opinion, this strategy makes a lot more sense. We don't need 4k right away, and we don't need bent screens! I understand Samsung is exploring niche markets which is great, I just hope they don't waste money/R&D on weird bent screens just for the sake of being different.

Offkilter, 4k UD TVs, are ready for the mainstream, $700 for 39", $100 for UD Android TV, $330 for UD Blue Ray players. Note 3 can record in UD, a $20 wholesale SOC can play UD, if 2X FHD in 5" next year, then 7" UD next year. Processors in 14 nm, 64 bit ; 14 nm GRAM at say 6GB, will take us into the UD gaming range. Sony Pictures Entertainment has 70 UD Blue Ray movie titles.

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I don't really worry about pixel density. In my 50's with bifocals...anything closer than an arms length away is blurry anyway ;)

560 nits brightness low 300 ppi Screen >>>> 560 ppi low 300 nits brightness screen.

The low 300 nits SAMOLED screens are just perfect for Samsung Vampire Phones.

Samsung is in the business to sell product. Whatever they are doing (like it or lump it) it's meeting the objective of selling phones and making their share holders happy.

People on these forums complain about plastic materials, pentile displays, and touchwiz overlays, and now excessive ppi. These same people will swear to the death that they would never buy another Samsung phone.

Those same people hail the praises of "a pure Google experience," and metal or aluminium casing. However Samsung continues to go in the opposite direction and they continue to sell product (which infuriates people). But the truth of the matter is until they begin see a dip in their sales they would be silly to follow the advice of tech types. They will likely just continue to focus their efforts on meeting the expectations of the average Jane and Joe.

The point is that having a display above 300 PPI is useless as the human eye cannot tell teh difference anything above.

Manufacturing a display that small above 300 PPI is going to COST more money.

So would you rather have a faster processor? Better UI features? faster GPU? Better design? Or ANYTHING other than something you don't need? Because you're money that you are paying for the device can go elsewhere.

Also, your GPU will have to push a 300+ PPI display now, so it will hinder performance in gaming and possibly in the UI, which is pretty much everywhere. Would you not have it at 300 PPI so your experience will more likely be optimum?

People are complaining, they're pointing out a fact that having a 500 PPI is not beneficial in performance in money to us.

It looks as though next year's Android smartphones are going to be awesome. My only question is why are they making 560 ppi displays when the human eye can only detect up to 326 ppi?

Just because you can't tell the difference doesn't mean it doesn't improve the overall experience. There is a subtle improvement that you will notice once you get used to 1080p and will prefer it over 720p, its more comfortable to view with the sharper text too.

Lots of people here like to whine about to high res and that you can't tell the difference (let's take battery life out if this for a moment), I know for a fact if the Nexus 5 only had 720p screen there would be a shitstorm of complaints.

android central app

A shitstorm of complaints by OMG SPECS!!1!! people.
Real world, it makes amazingly little difference. Where it matters most is with the battery.

Then talk to Google about pressuring OEM's to use built-in non-removable batteries instead of removable batteries. In the "real world", as it stands, I can change my battery if I so need to. So in the "real world", if your sole complaint is a phone that you can hot swap batteries out....

Oh wait...your only choice is Samsung....nevermind.

all this innovation I love to see but I rather see innovative battery that can last me a few days on a single charge or even more

Posted via ACA on LG G2

Anyone who has ever put a phone in their back pocket can attest to the advantage a curved display would bring.

Many Many logical arguements in regards to this announcement, and some not so. Im not going to go into great lengths as alot has already been covered. That said Samsung are looking into batteries, Screens, CPU's,GPU's and been contemplating various design ideas and yes may keep to plastic but adapt it like the Note 3 which looks and feels great.

Many can argue that Samsung are just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks i have read that comnent hmm well yes that is the whole dam point and nothing is final yet.

I for one give great praise to Samsung and their approach and contrabutions to tech, providing many millions with a fantastic experiance thus far and can only see it getting better.

The likes of Samsung Lg, Htc, the Google Nexus and even apple will come up with new advancements and inovations some great others yes whats the point. The latter being refining what is physically possible.

So go forth Samsung and the rest, Tech is booming and very exciting right now :-)

Posted via Android Central App

I agree for the most part, and I think the "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" attitude is a good one, it's great to see. But. There is a maximum resolution which the human eye can perceive. Pushing for higher res screens is NOT a productive or useful application of development resources.

Hmmm yes i wont argue with that, however its obviously just the one of many ideas perhaps not the brightest one and it wont be their sole focus that im sure of going by what i have read thus far.

We thoght that their woulnt be much noticable difference between 720p a d 1080p and there was, it may just get that colour balance ect ect to a finer level and i wont lay claim that i know alot about that side of things, but Samsung wouldnt push something that wasnt going to be worth the expense of doing so, its business.

Yes alot are sold on numbers and the highest being the best well not on all aspects that i do agree on, so maybe screens are about as good as they get or are they?

Only time will tell folks.

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Queue Richard Yarell saying"plain and simple nothing beats Samsung"
And then some other crap.

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Haha Samsung do produce amazing and quite enjoyable tech, that said they dont rule all thats just niave, I enjoy seeing tech from all corners despite having my choice-which if you havnt gatherd its Samsung lol but i love my tech and enjoy having an open and respectful mind.

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What's next. A sound range that is also beyond what humans can hear as well? Diminishing returns here. They need to focus elsewhere.

Bull Sh!t... Phones coming with ONLY 560ppi resolution??? They should be coming with 12345678900987654321 ppi resolution in 2014 flagship phones /S