Samsung Galaxy S5

Looking to save some cash on the new Samsung Galaxy S5? Then you're in luck if you've been wanting it on Verizon. Head to Amazon where you'll be able to save over $100 off the on-contract price. Verizon offers the Galaxy S5 for $199 with a contract, while Amazon is has the same device for just $99. But you'll have to wait for it — details after the break.

Amazon has been offering the Galaxy S5 at the $99 on-contract price since launch. The only reason why you would probably held off on pulling the trigger with Amazon was because they didn't have an estimate on shipping. Now they do and if you order the Galaxy S5 from them you should expect it in 2-3 weeks.

Don't mind waiting a few weeks to get the new Galaxy S5 on Verizon? Then you might want to go the Amazon route. The deal is avaialable to anyone and you'll find both the white and black variants of the Galaxy S5. These models come with 16GB of onboard storage.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 going for $99.99 on Amazon


So why did I have to pay so much at the T-Mobile store? Could I have simply brought in a phone purchased at Target and ask T-Mobile for service?

Does T-Mobile even do big discounts on phones anymore? The whole point of a discounted phone is to lock you in to an expensive two year contract

also I just looked at the Tmobile website, the SGS5 is $0 down with a monthly EIP. So that's probably a better deal than most any other carrier, discount or not.

The S5 is not $99.99 at all, its $99.99 PLUS a contract, that not the same thing at all. Maybe its an American thing.

People understand TCO just fine, and that's why many prefer the on-contract system, especially if they upgrade every two years (and a lot of people do). For many, on-contract works out to be less expensive.

It works out to be less expensive because companies like AT&T and Verizon ensure that the bring your own phone plans are more expensive than the contract plans. And a lot of people want to upgrade every two years because that's how often you can with these two-year contracts. I think you would find at least some people who would delay upgrading if they weren't penalized for doing so. If you're on a two-year contract you are paying for a subsidy whether or not you upgrade

And what is the final price after two years? Sounds well-planned for a company but expensive for a customer. But if I have understood it correctly, you pay ridiculous prize for a (limited) mobile internet connection anyway - with or without contracts.
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Just checked the prices. Absolutely ridiculous prices! I would never get a mobile data if I lived in usa. The price you pay in couple months with limited data, I pay the same price in a year and unlimited. Wow, nice plan for a company...

Posted via Android Central App

There are available if you are willing to pay more. I waiting for the carriers to have it for the general public.

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Target doesn't have post paid (contract) phones for T-MOBILE. At least not in Georgia stores. Just ATT, Sprint and Verizon.

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with only 16GB internal space, 99 bucks sounds about right. Should also help Samsung sell a lot of phones.

Posted via The One (M8)