Galaxy Note 8

Samsung's 8-inch stylus-toting tablet arrives today at flagship London store

Samsung has announced that the latest member of the Galaxy Note family, the Note 8.0, has today gone on sale in the UK. The tablet is initially available at the Samsung Experience Store at the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in London, the same flagship Samsung store at which the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 first launched.

The Wifi-only Note 8 goes on sale today for £339.99, and the version with cellular data is expected to follow shortly. Besides cell data, you've got a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU running the show, 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD. There's also a 5MP rear shooter and 1.3MP front-facing camera. On the software side, you're looking at Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean wrapped in Sammy's TouchWiz UI.

To sweeten the deal, Samsung's offering a pack of software goodies worth £60 to buyers who pick one up before Apr. 15. This includes a £20. Samsung Learning Hub voucher, a two-month subscription to The Times newspaper, AVG Pro, a month of Samsung Music Hub access, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Sonc 4: Episode 2. Being a Samsung device, the Note 8.0 also lands you 50GB of free Dropbox storage for two years.

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Free content and services bundle worth £60 available with every purchase from 15th April for a limited time

5th April 2013, London, UK: Samsung Mobile UK has today announced that customers in the UK are now able to buy the Galaxy Note 8.0 from the Samsung Experience Store at Westfield Stratford City with other channels to follow. Ultra portable thanks to its 8” screen size, the Galaxy Note 8.0 comes pre-loaded with a suite of new content and services worth over £60, at no extra cost to the customer*.

The new mid-size tablet, together with a suite of intuitive features and an evolved S Pen, gives you the ease of using a traditional pen and paper with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Features include a suite of S Note templates and tools that allow you to create, edit, manage and share documents, as well as seamless multi-tasking thanks to Quick Command, continuous text input and Multi-Window View which means the portable 8” screen can be split and used to access a number of live applications at the same time.

A range of S-Pen apps, including Paper Artist and Photo Note, mean you can be creative wherever you are, whether on the commute to work, on holiday or sat on your living room sofa. The new Reading Mode makes it easier to read e-books, magazines and newspapers as you can optimise the settings to create the most comfortable reading experience, plus you can annotate, highlight, cut and paste text.

For a limited time from 15 April 2013*, the Galaxy Note 8.0 will also come pre-loaded with the following content and services;

-          A £20 voucher to spend in the Samsung Learning Hub
-          A Two Month Free trial subscription to The Times newspaper worth £32.00
-          AVG Anti-Virus Pro
-          Access to the Samsung Music Hub for free for 1 month
-          Need for SpeedTM Hot Pursuit
-          Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
-          50GB DropBox free for 2 years


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 available in the UK today


Glad to hear its finally released somewhere.....good for the UK! Now if only we can get it here in the states. Even better if I can get it with LTE. Doubt it. Besides, I would have to make a car window mount for
edit....just saw a link for the car

I'm a note 2 user, but I have to say this device is overpriced at £370. You can get a LTE enabled ipad mini for the same price, and a 32gig nexus 7 with 3g for £239!!!!!

Yea a little overpriced but still others can't do what this tablet can do. I have been waiting for this for a while now (Note 10.1 too big)
iPad Mini is just years behind and the Nexus 7 doesn't have S Pen which is the main feature. I need a light portable tablet for sketching and drawing on the go. So in any case I'll have to get it for whatever price they set. Only thing killing me is the low resolution.

As a Note 2 owner I'm surprised that you are not aware that the s-pen separates this device from any other tablet (except it's big brother)on the market.

Without the s-pen this is just another Android tablet, but with the s-pen, this device blows any tablet away in terms of actual use as a productivity tool.

Like you, I own the Note 2, and had the original Note before this one. I also own the Note 10.1, and from my vantage point now, I will never buy another phone or tablet (I don't care if sings and dances on its own) that does not have wacom technology built in.

The price is based on value added features like the s-pen. I too hope the price in the states is a lot less expensive than this UK version, but in my opinion, once a person truly uses and discovers the power of the s-pen, it would be hard to use any other device.

I know what your saying and understand your usage patterns and need for the spen etc. However I would have thought Samsung would have priced this more aggressively to tempt the more casual user.

I cant see them making inroads and gaining much of the existing market at that price point.

I have had ipads and also a nexus 7. I could never go back to ios due to the restriction of only being able to run apple approved apps, no file manager etc etc.

However at that price Im currently considering something like the Samsung Active Smart PC running Windows 8, and with the Spen as well, which is currently on sale for just $499 from microsoft

Way too expensive. How the hell do you justify charging ~$560USD for this tablet when you can get a brand new note 10.1 for $450USD? This is going to fall flat on its face at the price point.

Doing a search of Office Depot's site under tablets and they have this listed for $399.99. When you try to add it, it says unavailable..."Out of Stock". Looks like it is going to retail for $399 for 16GB model.

Wating for this to arrive in Canada, but I wish it were pentaband as I'm on Mobilicity. Price, of course, will be key - I'm rocking the Nexus7 Wifi+3G but would love the SPen.

As always, the problem with Samsung tablets is the price. If this (or any Samsung Note) ever reaches a saner price I may look at it, but not now. To my mind, only the Note 2 phone comes close to justifying its UK price.

Over priced plastic with a bastardised android ui id rarther have an nexus 7 or ipad mini any day! the galaxy s4 is very over priced as well

I find it interesting that Samsung is starting to slack-off in the design department, as the Galaxy Note 8.0 basically borrows its looks from the Galaxy S3, albeit a more stretched-out design, similar to the situation going on with the Galaxy S4 where the new beefed-up powerhouse basically uses the design language of the Galaxy S3.

Why, Samsung? Why follow the method that Apple has used over the years: use the same design for each year's upcoming devices? (*cough*iPhone*cough*)