Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition

Tablet launching tomorrow at major Canadian retailers

Samsung's latest high-end Android tablet, the stylus-toting Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition, will be arriving in Canada from tomorrow, Nov. 8. Canadians will be getting the Wifi-only octa-core Exynos version of the Android 4.3 tablet, which packs a 2560x1600-resolution, 10.1-inch display, 3GB of RAM and the same S Pen functionality as its smaller sibling the Galaxy Note 3.

The new Note 10.1 will arrive at Best Buy, Future Shop and "other major retailers" tomorrow in the "classic white" color. There's no word on when (or if) the "jet black" version will be joining it. However Samsung is offering a bunch of promotional goodies for Note 10.1 buyers, including a $20 Samsung apps gift card, three months of free Rdio streaming, two free ebooks from the "For Dummies" series and 50GB of Dropbox storage for two years, as part of an offer that runs until Nov. 30.

For more on the Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition check out our full review below.

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Press Release

Take Note - Samsung’s Most Premium Tablet is Coming to Canada
Samsung Canada continues to offer Canadians a broad variety of devices by expanding its iconic GALAXY family with the GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)

MISSISSAUGA, ON – November 4, 2013 – Samsung Canada, one of the leading suppliers of mobile devices in the Canadian marketplace, announced today that the GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) will be available in Canada on November 8, 2013. Originally unveiled earlier this fall at the Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 in Berlin, the GALAXY Note 10.1 will arrive in Canada hot on the heels of the successful launch of the GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear and just in time for the holiday shopping season. Bringing the premium design and exceptional product features of the GALAXY Note 3 to a tablet, the new GALAXY Note 10.1 balances productivity, power and aesthetics, allowing Canadians to create and consume content from one device.

“The new GALAXY Note 10.1 is our most progressive 10-inch tablet yet, delivering one of the best viewing and multitasking experiences on the market,” said Paul Brannen, Vice President Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Canada. “Not only is this device both fashionable and portable, but it also demonstrates our continued focus on constant product innovation and our commitment to providing a variety of products that Canadians can choose from to help make their lives easier and more enjoyable.”

The new GALAXY Note 10.1 expands on the advanced productivity and creativity leadership delivered by the original Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 by introducing significant S Pen improvements such as Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook and Pen Window. Additionally, the 2014 Edition offers a 10.1-inch WQXGA TFT screen with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixel, an Exynos 8-core processor and 3GB RAM.

Notable benefits include:

• Use the S Pen: Enhanced S Pen features such as Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook and Pen Window that work together to provide quicker and better organization, expression of creativity and personalization. For more advanced note taking, the new S Note offers a comprehensive solution that lets users write, organize and edit notes that sync with a Samsung account for access from multiple devices.
• Watch your favourite flicks: The large, bright, clear screen delivers four times the pixel density of the original GALAXY Note 10.1, providing a premium content viewing experience.
• Stay organized: The magazine style UX allows users to organize their favorite resources in an easy to use dashboard.
• Look stylish: New designs like the textured back cover with stitching inspire a sense of elegance and sophistication.
• Get more done: With Multi Window, users can run separate instances of the same application, and use an enhanced S Pen to drag and drop content from one window to another. The improved S Pen and S Note functionality includes updated features such as Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write and S Finder.
• Keep it all in one spot: With new Scrapbook capabilities, users can easily indicate any interesting content with the S Pen and organize it into individualized scrapbooks, creating a log of discussion points for a future work conversation, a wish list for new clothes or a home redesign project.
• Stay protected: The new GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with enhanced privacy and security protection provided by Samsung KNOX. Users can activate Samsung KNOX with ease which allows them to run and store security-sensitive applications and data inside a protected execution environment called “container.” The security inside the container is strengthened by system-level protection of Samsung KNOX against malware and phishing attacks as well as hacking attempts on physical devices when devices are stolen or lost. For instance, important personal pictures or video can be stored in the container with no worries of data leakage due to hacking.
• Bring your own device to work: Users may choose to store enterprise applications and data such as corporate email, contacts and calendar and allow the IT department to manage the container through EAS (Exchange ActiveSync Server). These features make the GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) an ideal device for BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device to work)


The GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) will be available at Best Buy, Future Shop and other major retailers on November 8, 2013 in Classic White.

Additionally, when customers purchase the Note 10.1 before November 30, 2013 they will receive:

• $20 Samsung Apps gift card
• Three months of free streaming music with Rdio
• Two free e-books from the bestselling For Dummies series
• 50 GB of secure cloud storage for two years with Dropbox

Offer valid from October 15, 2013 to November 30, 2013. Customer needs to have, or open, a Samsung Account to use the Gift Card. Eligible devices are Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (Wi-Fi and LTE) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (including the 2014 Edition). Certain conditions apply. Subject to availability. Participating retailers may vary. Please visit for more details.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition lands in Canada November 8


Que Richard.

The world stopped and abruptly advanced to the year 2014 thanks to the greatest company in the Galaxy, so to speak.

Now please send me Richard's payola! Then I could afford it.

Actually, Jerry gave this Note 10.1 2014 edition a very favorable review. Finally, a Samsung Android device I would like to have.

I just wonder if Jerry has hit a terabyte of storage yet on Dropbox...

Posted via Android Central App

Of course...2 weeks after I finally buy a Note 8.0 for full price, the 10.1 2013 goes on sale for $450 AND the new 2014 Note 10.1 arrives WITH incentives...sigh...go pick on someone else Galaxy ! Still stuck on Android 4.1.2 on both the Note and my Galaxy SIII...will remain in chryo state until 4.3 and/or 4.4. Logging Off

I love tablet ever

I picked up the 32 gig jet black version when I was in Houston Texas a few weeks ago and I love it...

The resolution on this thing is your hear out Apple

The stylus is responsive and the sound from it is clear

The back leather feels perfect ....nice grip.

It would be a shame if us up here in Canada do not get the jet black version

In the UK we get the 16gb white version only for the equiv of approx $750... So you guys have it better.

And Samsung's Note series continues to innovate. The Note series pimp slaps every other devices in this stratosphere. Period. Familiar?

Posted via Android Central App

I have this tablet since US launch date, great tablet. In US you get 3 months of NY Times, 1 year of Businessweek, $25 to Google market, $50 to Samsung hub. In Canada they give $20 Samsung Apps gift card and two free e-books from the bestselling For Dummies series? Really Samsung? For Canada For Dummies? What kind of stupid marketing message this is? I buy an expensive tablet and company gives me 2 free books for dummies?

This tablet is not available in Canada. I have visited all bestbuy and future shop stores in Niagara region and they don't even know about this tablet.
They have it on their website but status is "out of stock", "Not reservable in store".
I don't know why everyone is spreading such rumors that samsung galaxy note10.1 2014 is available in Canada. I waited a few weeks for it to Launch in Canada but now I have purchased one from US.
I must say that it is a n excellent device.