Samsung Gear 2

With the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2 now on the market, Samsung is looking to boost the smartwatch's app ecosystem with a new "app challenge" for developers. From May 8, Gear 2 app developers can register their creations on Samsung Apps to participate in the challenge. The prize pool totals $1.25 million, including a $100,000 grand prize for first place.

Samsung also revealed plans to host events around the world to promote app development on the Gear 2, including a Samsung Gear Hackathon and Developer Day. The move from Android on the original Galaxy Gear to Tizen on Samsung's new smartwatches represents a significant behind-the-scenes change, and Samsung seems keen to get developers onboard with its new wearable platform.


24th April 2014, London, UK - Samsung Electronics announced that it will be holding a worldwide app challenge for Gear 2 app developers, "Samsung Gear App Challenge", to support the wearable app market.

The challenge will be the third in the series of "Samsung Smart App Challenges" and is part of Samsung's plan to continuously innovate the wearable app industry.

After unveiling the Samsung Gear 2 for the first time in February, Samsung distributed a software development kit (SDK) for the Gear 2 to developers free of charge. Developers can apply for the challenge by registering apps developed with the SDK on Samsung Apps from 8th May.

The prizes for the challenge amounts to over $1.25m, including a $100,000 cash prize which will be awarded to the first place winner.

"This challenge marks the beginning of Samsung's plan to boost the app ecosystem for the recently unveiled Samsung Gear 2. Samsung will continue to play its part in the wearable market through offering a wide array of outstanding SDKs to app developers." said Won-Pyo Hong, President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center.

In addition, Samsung plans to host various global events including the Samsung Gear Hackathon and Developer Day to help developers better understand the SDK for the Samsung Gear 2. For more information on app development for the Samsung Gear and related events, visit the Samsung Developer Site:

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I hope this works cause that app store is a barren wasteland. I would love to see the app store flourish like it is on the Pebble. (Hey Samsung, I love my Gear 2 and I've been enjoying my purchase and all that.... But can you please either fix the flaky S-Voice "I did not catch that" thing it does and the fact it can't do division problems or allow me to use Google Now instead? That would make me happy. Thanks.)

(Edit: Can you also add the option to navigate by voice as well? Thanks again!)

sublimaze says:

In other words, Samsung is leaning on others to help make this thing useful, because Samsung does not have a clue.

DaleReeck#AC says:

"Lean on others"? Do you expect Samsung to write all the apps for it?

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hitsmanj says:

Yes, because no one else in the industry relies on third parties to produce quality content for their devices. This is Samsung doing what it does best, drop dollars to ensure product awareness and success, working so far.

NickA says:

Um, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows store, Pebble? You couldn't be more incorrect.

Look at your phone. How much "quality content" comes from the phone maker? That Android Central app you use, yeah, that comes from a third party.

Ever hear of sarcasm....?

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hitsmanj says:

Oh, but I could be more incorrect, I could be YOU. Read the whole comment and grasp the sarcasm, chadthebuilder got it.

tigerchilly says:

Wake up

Nexus 5 black 32gb

rd_nest says:

In other words, you're confused.

rnd0209 says:

They are just realizing the damage that the moto 360 and the swarm of gorgeous well built android powered smart watches are going to do to there smart watch sales.

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hitsmanj says:

I semi-agree. The Gear is well built, but its lack of style has kept me from buying one. Oh, and keeping with the hater theme, it's "their" smart watches.

rd_nest says:

Yea, exactly like how Moto X killed of Galaxy S/Note devices.
What is the sales figure of Android Wear device?

hitsmanj says:


I returned my gear 2 neo, I loved the 1st gear but I never got into this one

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ronnypoo says:

Of all the smart watches coming out in the next month, Samsung's is the least stylish imo

Posted from VZW G2

Deke218 says:

Not liking the look of the Gear 2 at all. It looks like a childs watch. Maybe it's that color. I'll stick with my Gear 1 and so not to any update to Tizen.

floridarick says:

I think you are talking about the gear 2 Neo (pictured above), I completely agree!!!! the plastic body of the Neo is a joke.
On the other hand the body of the gear 2 is metal like the original GG & looks very similar.

Happy original GG owner here, & I dont see any need to upgrade yet......

MasterElwood says:

Neo looks good in black.

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Adam Rogers1 says:

So are they not supporting the Gear 1 anymore? Are they only making apps for the Gear 2 now? If so, what a waste of money on my part and anyone else that owns the original gear.

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PastorDroid says:

I think it has been confirmed that Samsung plans on upgrading the Galaxy Gear to Tizen. Though I may be wrong, I think it's also safe to assume that developers will be creating apps for Tizen itself not specifically or necessarily for the Gear 2.

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Pak King says:

I CHALLENGE Samsung to make a public statement if they are willing to sell the battery on all their fitness wearable and for how much.