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So we started up a little thing we like to call the Nexus 7 A Week Giveaway, and though we hit a little road bump and didn't post a new contest for it last week, we're true to our word and giving away one per week. So below you can find the first two winners, as well as the criteria for how to enter this week.


Congrats to you both! We'll be in touch via email this week with information on claiming your prize!

How to enter this week:

You know when you're scrolling through the forums, reading some threads, and as you scroll down all you see is Lloyd? We all love him, he's a great guy, but we want to see a little more customization in the forums. This week, in order to enter, you must change your avatar to something other than the default Lloyd picture. It can be anything you want (within reason, ie. no nudies), it just can't be default. When you're done, post a comment in the contest thread so we can see that you have a shiny new avatar, and that's it! You have yourself an entry into the contest for this week. And for those of you that already have a custom avatar, you're in luck --all you have to do is leave a comment in the forums in the contest thread.

Not sure how to change your avatar? It's really easy. First, you have to be a member of Android Central. (Duh!) Once you're logged in, go to the top left where you see your name and current avatar. Access the User CP drop down menu, click on Edit Avatar, and follow the instructions there. Easy, peasy. Now, get over to the forums (link below) and get 'er done! See you back here next week with the winners and the next contest, swearsies.

Change your avatar and enter this week's Nexus 7 A Week Giveaway

Eligibility: To be eligible to win, you must be a registered member of Android Central. The contest is open worldwide and anyone can enter. Only one entry per person per week, unless otherwise noted. Winners will be announced weekly on the blogs along with instructions for entering for the next week. If you are chosen as a winner, you will be contacted via email, so be sure your profile is up-to-date.


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woot woot, something to help quell the monotony of long hours at work and piles of dirty diapers, half chewed food and slobber at home!

My avatar is actually me! No need to hide myself because I really want to win that Nexus 7 and I want the whole world to know it!

I've been entering in too many of these contests and never winning. SO! Please pick me! I am a starving college student that needs a portable device to help me get'er done!

make it happen....send that nexus 7 my way...

check out my new avatar and sneaks...

three little peas sitting in a shell...
one can sing, one can dance, one can whistle through his pants

Enter me in. Had some problems with my Avatar showing up at one point so hopefully it's working right. If not I guess you'll have to give it to the guy who posts after me.

It'd be cool to win cause I wanted a N7 for my birthday that's on the 27th of this month hope I win cause I have a pretty cool avatar.

Thank you for your contests, you always offer good tablets and you have good service in G+, I hope to win this Nexus 7, as I tried before for acer and toshiba contest.
I changed my avatar and hope to win,,,,
Hasta la Vista Amigos y Amigas!!! ((NOTE: Copy the Following to your Notepad))
___ ___ ______
|\ | |___ \ / | | |___ |____ |
| \| |___ / \ |__| ___| / /
-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- / /

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