Sense HD

We're all waiting to see what the Desire HD and it's new version of HTC Sense UI brings to the table, but thanks to leaks and ingenious hackers, we can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Some of the changes are subtle, some not so much, and some are huge.  For you hands-on types, you can check it out for yourself on your Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, HTC Desire, and now the Nexus One.  Be warned, it's not ready for prime-time yet.  Data, camera, and WiFi are pretty well borked on the Nexus, for example.  At least at the time this was written they were ... those hackers are fast!

Follow past the break to see a look at many of the new goodies. [Xda-developers -- Evo -- Desire -- Incredible -- Nexus] Thanks jlevy73 for the Nexus One tip!

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svtcobra1995 says:

Sweet, im gonna have to try it out on my evo!

froyoYum says:

I want that :(

tim6253 says:

Nice video, Jerry. One thing I saw in another video that is really nice, is a change in the browser. At full page view, you can pinch to bring up open windows, instead of having to go to menu>windows. Having to do that is the only issue I have with the stock browser. Glad they fixed it.

mezmryz03 says:

That is a great update, I hate how buried that is.

evodaniken says:

I second that. Always wished for that feature when pinch-preview all was available for the home screens but not for browser windows.

atomicdog21 says:

Thanks for the review Jerry. Once that gets a little more stable I'd like to let that fly on my evo. Contacts and recent history widgets look very cool. Hope HTC does official releases for N1/Dinc/EVO. Can't imagine that even if they do new sense on every device going forward that they'd build a new site for it then freeze out their base.

sgtmilstack says:

Thanks Jerry. I wonder if the new Sense can auto rotate like LauncherPro.

Me too! The port to the Nexus One doesn't. I asked around, and get both yes, and no. Now that the launcher bar is easy to theme, landscape mode could be great in Sense.

jelly roll says:

Can't wait for this on my incredible

bunjy says:

Hear, hear! This will rock on my Incredible!

jayhammy says:

I just installed this through ROM Manager from IncredibleDoes. It works quite nicely AND I have access to I'm surprised.

jayhammy says:

likwidsoul says:

I'm still waiting for the sense port that jamezelle is putting together for the droid over at xda

need sense HD for my Evo4G

jbsyst says:

How do I disable sense on my evo?

numb683 says:

Love the new look and feel of Sense HD on my Incredible! But I went back to my Skyraider ROM because despite having a non functioning camcorder the Sense HDs camcorder and camera don't work and I'd rather have 1 then none. If this is just me please let me know but I couldn't get either to work. I will 100% love to reload sense HD once the bugs are all worked out.