Plague Inc.

Speed runs, new events and news are all included

Ndemic Creation's infectious title Plague Inc. is receiving an update today that brings a whole bunch of new game content. The so-called "Mutation 6 warning" update includes a new game mode called "speed runs," which as it sounds has the single goal of seeing how fast you can kill the entire world. It also includes new CDC content — the Centers for Disease Control is now inside the game.

You'll also find a rebalanced NAZG achievement, new events and news with more back stories and other general performance and game improvements throughout. You can grab the latest version of Plague Inc. at the Play Store link above, if you're so inclined.


Reader comments

Plague Inc. adds new CDC content, game features


Does this game have cloud save?
No cloud save, no deal. I'm sick and tired of wasting ny time on games, only to find I can't play it from where I left off on a new phone.
Google list games that have leaderboards and achievements, so why not which games have cloud save - ie the single most important function on a game

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I think this game does have cloud save, but it does not save a current game. Just achievements and progress (what you've unlocked).

I have seen this update 3 or 4 times on my tablet now over the past month or two. Same changelog, speed runs and CDC. I see the speed run, but haven't seen anything about the CDC in-game?