Can't surf with a raincheck

 A long time ago, in a Kmart far, far away

Looks like my quest for an Augen Gentouch 78 tablet will end in failure.  Word is that Kmart has halted sales of this jewel mediocre tablet, possibly because of the big ugly Android Market SNAFU,  or the huge number of returns, or maybe because there's a global Kmart plot to keep one out of my hands.  Anyhoo, reports are in from those who ordered online that the orders are canceled, and after endlessly bothering my local Kmart, I was told that all orders for the tablet are to be filled with either an even lower spec Augen Android netbook, or the Augen 7" eReader running some ARM variant of Linux.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be, and I'll have to wait for the next mythical Android tablet.  []


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Oh Augen tablet, where art thou?


I had bought one here in VA and returned them a week later. It was extremely buggy and the sound would cut out and 2.1 was never meant to be on this thing. I even updated it through Augens website, and it didn't fix anything. I think it was a great idea but just too cheaply made.

Its kind of embarrassing for Android, but a black spot on Augen. I will never by something from them again.

*Patiently waiting for the Samsung Tablet*

Its not that big of an embarrassment to Android or Google because they publicly announced that Augen was never given permission to use their OS. Augen stole that OS from a phone so the tablet thinks it is a phone the entire time. It is constantly searching for a cell phone signal (which kills the battery life) and tries to do EVERYTHING your Android phone can do, which it fails at! The tablet was slow, frustrating, and not worth $20 let alone the $181.04 (includes Utah's sales tax)KMART was pushing it at. I even rooted it to push the performance to a hopeful level by removing unneccessary apps and overclocking the processor. I will be returning mine today

Google did not give Augen permission to use their software on this device. So the Android market does not work, your Gmail account wont work, it does very little that its advertised to do. I am returning mine this weekend, after being told by tech support to "just patiently wait for patches" for the unit, I find out that NONE are coming and they are busy kissing Googles back side begging to be allowed to use their software and the android market. NO thanks not wasting any more time on this crap. Even if the google market did work, most everything else on this unit does not. The sound is all crackly and static even if you use head phones it sounds awful. You cant download any of the book readers, all I could do with mine is surf the internet, but even that was slowwwwwwww like old modem days! And for no apparent reason the browser would shut off. And lets add to it that the "Format to out of box condition" does not work, and you cant erase any information you put in it, so you have to return it to Kmart with all your personal information in it!
NOT worth the 150.00. NOT worth a darned dime cuz it flat out just doesn't work. I will NEVER buy anything from Augen again!

Hey I saw this tablet at Best Buy here in Portland Oregon. It was a total Joke and much of the applications are in Chinese. Not a problem if I could read Chinese but I cant, I am sure I could change the language but it was 50/50 English and Chinese so I think it was already set to English. They were trying to sell it as a bundle with headphones and other accessories for like $299 or something. I feel bad for anyone who thought that it was a good deal and purchased this total P.O.S.

Hey If you are a billionaire and you want to use this to wipe with then I would recommend it. If your a just a normal guy like me who has a couple bucks to spend but needs to spend wisely then run from this and do not look back.

I played with one for about 10 minutes at a Kmart in Erie, PA. It was a joke. It was sluggish, the buttons were tiny, recessed and on the back of the device, it was not comfortable to hold, has a resistive touch screen, and of course...No market apps

I might pay upwards of ten dollars for it, but not a penny more.

Aw man, sorry Jerry. I just got mine yesterday. I called the K-mart in quakertown,PA and they said they had 5. I asked them to hold me one and he said sure.

I got it home rooted it. and
Have working market

Loving it :)

(I also made another lego dock :)

Kamrt called me yesterday to pick up my GenTouch78 which I had a rain check for since 07/26/10, I was surprised that they called me

anyway, went to the store and picked up this toy, and the guy there told me they got only one for this store, and I was the first on the waiting list, and there are about 50 people with rain checks

I took it home, and was rooted and had the market to work thanks to XDA , and AndroidTablets for that

To be honest this is not what I wish for an Android Tablet, but it will be a good platform for me to play and try some things as a startup developer

kmart called me as well - last thursday to be exact - went down and picked it up - my expectations were low so i wasn't that disappointed

That resistive touch screen is pretty bad but the update helped - and the market fix is awesome.

I too plan to use it for develop / general android hacking so i don't brick my EVO 4G