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With the announcement of the new Tegra 4 processor and devices, NVIDIA is looking to showcase what it is capable of by highlighting 5 new Tegra 4 optimized games in TegraZone. Burn Zombie Burn, Carie: Blood Mansion, CODEX: The Warrior, Dead on Arrival 2 and RU Golf have all been updated with enhanced graphics to show off just what makes Tegra 4 so much more appealing over other processors when it comes to playing games. NVIDIA is well known for partnering with game developers to release these high-end titles via the TegraZone, and these will kick it off for Tegra 4.

Hang with us after the break and see some impressive gameplay videos, as well as a screenshot gallery of the titles.

Source: NVIDIA

Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver was created to show off the capabilities of the 72-core GPU on the Tegra 4, and the differences in dynamic shadows and light are quite astounding.

Burn Zombie Burn

Android Central.

Fight of endless hordes of incoming cartoon zombies in Burn, Zombie Burn!

Carie: Blood Mansion

Android Central.

This action adventure title has been updated with high fidelity textures for Tegra, including a special level only available to TegraZone players.

CODEX: The Warrior

CODEX: The Warrior.

Head-to-head fighting in this RPG title shows off what Tegra 4 is capable of with HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting throughout.

Dead on Arrival 2

Dead on Arrival 2.

A follow-up to the originalDead on Arrival 2 adds full map destruction and high resolution models.

RU Golf


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NVIDIA shows off 5 new Tegra 4 optimized games at MWC


When I was running ICS on the SGS3 there was a hack that would make the Tegra games work on non-tegra devices, and they ran perfectly on my SGS3 with lots of detail and high FPS. Tegra Zone is a propriatary scam. Nvidia needs to win the mobile chipset war the same way it became the dominate GPU for desktops, by just making a better product and winning over hearts and minds in an open forum. This Tegra Zone lock-in/lock-out is a bunch of BS and just hurts the Android community.

That's mainly because Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 sucked so much. The Adreno in the S3 has better graphics than the Tegra 3. Judging from early benches, Tegra 4 should have 10% better GPU processing than the PowerVR in the A6X, which is a huge upgrade in comparison. Also, judging from the Zombie Driver demo, the new effects are going to be much more elaborate than those in previous games. They swapped textures and included dynamic shadows. Maybe the Adreno 320 in the S4 Pro will run it fine, but lower end graphics will suffer.