Yesterday we posted a video of drk|Raziel's nullDC emulator running the Dreamcast bios. Today he posted on his blog two new videos of some Dreamcast classics running on the emulator: Power Stone, Crazy Taxi, and Dead or Alive 2. While the frame rate is still super slow, we are definitely excited to see this project evolve. Now where is Sonic? Videos embedded after the break. Thanks, Bl!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Power stones ftw! And if can play zombies revenge I will buy it instantly

CBPilu says:

Awesome to see powerstone running on the captivate!!!

I'm all over this app as soon as it solves the FPS issue. Loved my Dreamcast

deaofly says:

Problem is will it run good on other non galaxy devices. My Evo plays games pretty good but I wonder if he's developing this game based on the galaxy's gpu only or will he test other phones and Rome. Just my opinion that's all

cd5love96 says:

This app will complete me.

i would've rather listened to the games ..not that terrible music

jbuggydroid says:

Another emulator to add to my collection. Love being able to play my games on the go on one device

kenotobar says:

c'mon you call that slow? i was expecting 4-8 fps... this look great! all the textures, the effects, i say this because in the "old" days of pc emulation it was almost customary having emulators screw up everything in the screen randomly, etc... those were the days XD

someday i was expecting a psp2 with dc emu, seems my captivate will have to fill in :)


Jonneh says:

Wow! DOA2 Dead or Alive 2 running on my phone...I never would've even thought about that as a possibility before...!

mao mao says:

Love it! I can't wait for this emulator to come out!