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Nokia today announced that the company had partnered with Samsung to bring its maps and location platform services to Tizen-powered wearables and Android smartphones. It marks a significant step forward for HERE, moving on from its exclusivity period on Windows-based platforms, though only those with Samsung hardware will be able to enjoy the Android editions of HERE services (for the time being). The two companies have also entered into a licensing agreement to provide consumers mapping services for free.

On the Samsung Gear S, HERE powers an app called Navigator, offering turn-by-turn walk navigation, offline support and public transit routing. This isn't simply a mere companion app to compliment the Android offering, but is a complete stand-alone experience, offering consumers the option to store mapping data locally on said hardware. If you'd like to get more out of HERE services, it's possible to pair the wearable solution with the HERE beta available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

HERE Maps Samsung

HERE beta will cost Samsung consumers absolutely nothing to download and will be available when the Samsung Gear S hits the market. "We believe that maps and location-related functionality are essential for any operating system. HERE aims to deliver fresh maps, platform services and location cloud experiences to as many people and businesses as possible, independent of the device and operating system they are using," said Sean Fernback, Senior Vice President Everyday Mobility, HERE. "Partnering with Samsung for the Tizen OS, and providing maps and location services for the first time with the new Samsung Gear is another huge step for us in that direction."

Nokia has also bundled together Glympse support into the mapping solution available for both Samsung Tizen smartwatches and Android smartphones. This functionality enables consumers to share their location with others from within the experience, perfect for letting others know when you're on the way and heading to the designated meet point. Overall, it's a neat announcement for those affected. Are you looking forward to use HERE services on your Samsung devices?

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Nokia brings HERE mapping to Samsung smartphones and Tizen watches


I know it's because of money, and hopefully the exclusivity doesn't last too long, but I really hate when android software is limited to one manufacturers device for no technical reason.

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Hi guys, this is Pino from the HERE team. Today's announcement is part of our licensing deal with Samsung, but we aim to bring HERE to as many people as possible. That means that more news will follow still this year ;-)

I feel you. But who the f! cares about Here? :) Google Maps is the best integrated map (and navigation) service.

Competition is a good thing. I love Google maps but nothing is perfect.

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Indeed. It constantly annoys me. I wish Garmin would release it's Nav software for Android. It's not perfect either, but it's user interface is so much better to use while driving than Google's.

I`am using Google map and Sygic navigation too. Which Sygic has feature no other mapping system has.
Google map is good but it`s nice to have options.

Actually Here offers great experience and it covers every corner of my country (Slovenia), even some bigger shopping centers (inside mapping) and while I only used that once in Austria I could totally survive without it, but the fact you can have FULL offline maps stored is something google maps don't offer.. That doesn't matter much if I'm traveling in my country but I don't really need much maps in my country as I have quite big data cap, but going somewhere outside that's more far than what you can save on google maps there's a problem as it's useless. I had a Lumia before my Z3C and Here is one of the rare things I miss.
I do believe there will be an option to get the APK and simpy install it on other hardware soon after it will be released :)

Totally agree.

Nothing beats Nokia, plain and simple. Every one else plays Super Monkey Ball for the GameCube. (Did I do it right?)

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Ugh, yeah. Two major content providers here (MediaWorks and TVNZ) are the only ones that have TV on-demand apps available for Android. However, for no particular reason, they're exclusive to Samsung devices (though TVNZ OnDemand is available on some Huawei phones).
Incidentally, they also support Samsung Smart TVs, so I assume it's exclusivity for exclusivity's sake, more than it is support and stability, as they claim. Then again, considering that both apps have almost as many one-star reviews as two, three, and four star reviews combined, I don't think I'm missing out too much. Chances are Samsung themselves threw it together as quickly and cheaply as possible...

The thing is that somebody needs to pay even for the free services and it's hard to believe that Google would ever bee willing to pay for HERE usage on behalf of all Android users. I doubt Nokia would object if all the Android manufacturers would want to license HERE for their users.

Other manufacturers could have signed a licensing agreement with Nokia. Sprint chose to. Ask the manufacturer of your phone why they weren't smart enough to do so.

Has some features that are sorely missing from Google maps like full offline maps and ability to exclude roads from a route

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Google maps doesn't have full offline maps. You have to download the sections you want. Big difference.

Yes, that would be nice. When i switched from a Lumia device to Android i hoped that Here services to release for Android devices too, much better than the shitty Google Maps.

I'm 100% confident the folks at XDA will get it working for other devices

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I assume you mean Prime Videos App. The DRM in that app is likely the problem. I would be surprised if they have DRM in the Here maps.

Nokia better hurry up and bring this to Sony devices. I love HERE and would use it instead of Google maps any day BUT I'm not buying a crappy Samsung device just for it.

You both are calling fact what is in reality a subjective opinion.

I have used a recent Samsung device, and I find them overall to be rubbish, but that is my opinion. YMMV.

See, was that hard?

Yes I have. I tested the S5 for a few days to test out the camera (the thing I value most on a smartphone).
The build quality is still as rubbish as ever. Cheap plastic. Not to mention they still insist on dumping that huge amount of crap on TouchWiz.

I'll give Samsung another chance when they:
1 - Vastly improve build quality;
2 - Either downsize TouchWiz or remove it completely.

If you like Samsung, great! My sister loves them too. I don't. Sorry.

That "cheap plastic" holds up way better than the dent and scratch prone metal on HTC phones, and TouchWiz is easy to bypass. Most of the "bloat" can be disabled in the App Manager. Like I said, you didn't really USE a Samsung device long enough to understand how to use it.

From my experience Google maps is really not as good as it's cracked up to be - typically shockingly inefficient routes, wrong destinations, no offline navigation, no speedometer etc. Also, since maps ver 7 it's been rendered unintuitive and essential features have been stripped out.

I've never used here maps before but I hope it offers offline navigation and superior routing to Google maps. Looking forward to Here on my Note 4

I'll definitely give this a try. While I like Samsung phones without any extra incentives, this is just another reason for me to continue buying nothing but Samsung. If something is gonna be exclusive, it's more than likely gonna be for Samsung. There's usually more accessories available too.

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for me, the only unique feature of windows phone is HERE drive. Now that it goes to Samsung, WP is surely fading away from me. Google map is great, but when you go to places with weak or no data or roaming area, HERE drive comes to the rescue. HERE + google maps on a Samsung, what a great navigation experience.

I'm glad to hear this. Google maps has been a disappointment for me lately. Very buggy, changing my destination mid trip and freezing up during guidence, among other things. It's not as well done as as some say it is.

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This is nothing more than another attempt by Samsung to make consumers think of Samsung instead of Android. I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a more serious stab at a Tizen phone next year.

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Google not happy... Samsung don't play with fire. You are worthless without Google since we know how bad you are with software and services. People may be currently clueless buying your crappy phone but eventually they will realize and catch on with the times.

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Great news!, loved Nokia Maps on my old N8. I'm pretty integrated into Google Maps nowadays, use it for driving everywhere (esp for the traffic info) but anything that pushes Google into improving their offering has to be a good thing, right?

I'll get this once it comes out, will be good to see how the offline navigation works and it may well become my map of choice when abroad.

Nice. HERE is great on my 1520.3. Offline is very useful for long rural drives. Google Maps/Waze will still be my primary on Android, but HERE will be a good option.

Has anyone had any problems with being able to access their starred places on Google Maps 8.0 or 8.2??? They don't show up anywhere for me. Google help tells where to find them but they are not there. Had to roll back to 7.7.

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